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... No, I think i've only ever orgasmed without clitoral stimulation about 5 or so times, EVER. I thought it was just the partner i was with at first, but I look back and it has always been that way with whoever i've been with. ... (7 replies)
... Yup. This is exactly the reason why women should never fake it, lol. Dig yourself a hole like this and it's hard to get out. But it isn't impossible. You just have to be diplomatic and tell him how you like it better this way. ... (7 replies)
... i have the same point of view as fisherwoman...i have felt like i was pretty close to the big O just by having my nipples played with. but didnt take the time to find out if it would really happen. ... (17 replies)

... I'm assuming your husband knows that you are not having an orgasm. But I really think he needs to understand that the strong majority of woman do not achieve an orgasm through intercourse. Perhaps he feels that is just a problem that YOU are having. ... (16 replies)
... I know what it feels like to have an orgasm through clitoral stimulation, but how do you have one through just vaginal intercourse without clitoral stimulation? ... (6 replies)
... I'm 22... and by now I think I should have "figured out" how to orgasm. Well... I am beginning to think I am one of that small percentage of women who simply can't. Is that possible? ... (3 replies)
... It is true that most women cannot reach orgasm through intercourse alone. The clitoris has to be stimulated and the penis simply does not come into contact enough with the clitoris during intercourse. ... (20 replies)
... For me i have to really be in the mood to have sex in order to have an orgasm.It isn't going to happen unless you want it to,meaning you have to be really turned on.I need at least 15 minutes of foreplay to build up to an orgasm or it wont happen. ... (20 replies)
Jan 27, 2005
... I think pcantona might be a little confused about how most women reach orgasm so he may be leading your down the wrong path. Most women do not reach orgasm during vaginal penetration and it has NOTHING at all to do with how they masturbate, either with or without a vibrator. ... (5 replies)
Orgasms from sex
Oct 10, 2004
... Women fake it all the time... some do it because they want the sex to be over with, some do it so that they don't hurt their partner's feelings, others do it so that their partner will think they are "hot. ... (24 replies)
G-Spot Orgasm
Jun 20, 2004
... Squirralmom,actually vaginal orgasms do exist. You might want to do further research. ... (9 replies)
... I've been having sex for years now and I've only had an orgasm without clitoral stimulation once. ... (7 replies)
... better than past lovers. Recently, I started having vaginal orgasms without any clitoral stimulation. However, they feel very different from what I'm used to. When it started to happen for the first time, I actually thought that I had to defecate! ... (0 replies)
... but you still need clitoral stimulation, so technically the penis inside your vagina is unnecessary, it just makes it feel a little better. ... (11 replies)
... I have only been able to have an orgasm through intercourse with only 3 men. And each time it has taken months, for me to reach a certain level of "comforbility" with them before I can do it. ... (11 replies)
... Communicating with him about this is the key! Very important to be able to talk about and out of the bedroom. Most women cannot orgasm with just intercourse..............but can with clitoral stimulation. For instance, on top or oral. ... (27 replies)
... or like this lady wants to have....a vaginal orgasm? ... (8 replies)
... ok the poster must mean that with a penis and without a penis..... Clitoral stimulation is what causes orgasm. With men it is stimulation of the penis. ... (8 replies)
37 and no "O"
Apr 20, 2006
... My suggesiton is to get the on masterbating and finding out what you truely need to climax..tell your new guy. He may make it his new venture in life to help you with this. ... (40 replies)
... Okay, I know we aren't supposed to be too explicit and apparently I was too informative in an earlier post. Looking back on it I can see how I was and I will try not to do this here, but sometimes it's hard for me to know what is too much so I apologize in advance if I am too descriptive. ... (4 replies)

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