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... yesterday after sex my inner lips and vagina got extremely swollen!It has never happened to me again!I was a little worried.It was burning and I could not even walk... ... (8 replies)
... with something. For the last maybe 2 months, not quite sure of the time frame, i've been having a problem imediately after sex. It seems that i become extremely swollen and red all around my vagina and the inner lips, about halfway up to the clit and mainly only on the right. ... (1 replies)
... Glad to hear you are better! Sounds like it was not anything too bad. skyy11:) (8 replies)

... Thank you for your answers.I don't have any other symptoms. I am no longer swollen. (8 replies)
... You need to use plenty of Astroglide, sex will be better and it wont hurt afterwards (4 replies)
... After a long but fun night the other night, I noticed that I was feeling very sore and felt almost swollen down around my vagina. ... (4 replies)
... about 2 hours ago my boyfriend and i had sex... and when we were showering afterward, i noticed that my inner vaginal lips are extremely puffy and swollen! its scaring me, this has never happened before... its really uncomfortable and the swelling still hasnt gone down. ... (0 replies)
... It is the second time I get this thing with my new boyfriend.He fingers me very hard and my inner lips swell A LOT.I mean they get bigger than outer lips,I can't walk and it is very painful.Anyway,now 2 days later I am a lot better. ... (1 replies)
... He probably does not realize he is being too rough. You could let him know in calm polite manner you feel better w/ a more gentle hand... You should not have to be in pain at all. But sometimes in the begining of being sexual, it can be uncomfortable. Try to relax too. Good luck! I am sure he really wants to please you. (8 replies)
... I agree with the last comment. Do not let anybody invade before you body before you are ready and wiliing to receive. If talking to him makes him uncomfortable, let him deal with that! Ensure you are relaxed and wet enough before he fingers you, make him excite you and earn the pleasure. You should never be scared.:) (8 replies)
... I just wanted to point out to you that it is a mistake to allow your body to be hurt in order to spare someone elses feelings. By speaking to him about what feels good you will actually be doing him a favor by teaching him how to treat you and other girlfriends he may have in the future. (8 replies)
... thank you! I believe it is a matter of lubrication because when he fingers me I am sometimes very dry and he is rough and I hurt....I don't want to tell him anything yet because we recently started having sex and he takes anything so personally...I hope it will never happen again to me .I was so scared!I couldn't walk! Thank you for your help! (8 replies)
... Sounds like not enough lubrication. He needs to be more gentle. Do you have any other symptoms? A yeast infection can cause swelling too. You would also have an itch w/ it. (8 replies)
... Not sure if it is medical. All I would say is ask your boyfriend to be more gentle with you. Ensure you are lubricated enough before he fingers or has sex with you. Obviously if it continues see the quack. (8 replies)
... well one was exTREMEly swollen and hanging low, darker in color and felt sore. The other side of my lips was swollen but not nearly as bad. Honestly, the lip looks like a ballsac or something. ... (3 replies)
... when you open the inner lips to my vagina you can see the vagina right there up front its very puffy! ... (4 replies)
... a while ago i noticed a slight discomfort in my vagina, i checked and found that my inner lips looked swollen and when i looked closely i could see small yellow bumps under the skin. After a day or so the pain went away so i kind of dismissed it... ... (2 replies)
... I dont want to sound harsh but just because he's been your only partner doesnt mean it couldn't be an STD... anyway, it probably isn't anything so serious considering he's been a good boy if you are too worried go see a gynecologist. (8 replies)
... a while ago i noticed my inner vagina lips had become quite swollen and large...when i look closely i can see tiny white bumps along the swollen lips of my vagina...this doesnt really cause me any pain except for after sex. after sex im very sore and uncomfortable.... ... (8 replies)
... Hi I was reading on the internet that most women who get labia reduction (procedure to shorten the labia "lips") get it because there labia gets in the way of sports and other activities. I don;t know what could take away the swelling. But getting labia reduction may help, so you will not longer get swelling. If you do not want to get Labia reduction maybe try wearing a pad or... (2 replies)

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