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... t never used one again. I don't like the idea of fingers inside of me either, I feel like they are dirty or the nails will cut me or something. But the idea of a penis inside of me doesn't scare me because I think of it as soft and something that was made to be there. lol. ... (9 replies)
... didn't like the feeling and I almost fainted and had to lie on the floor, lol. Never tried since! The though of inserting anything like a finger or toy into 'there' has always made me feel squeamish, I'm quite squeamish anyway lol. ... (7 replies)
... always the hardest as for as penetration but remember your vagina is very elousive and will strech, its elasticy will streach to accommdate just about any size penis if your relaxed and aroused!! ... (5 replies)

... He says that it has i feel otherwise cos once he just tried inserting his penis in i felt a veryyy tearing kind of pain.... ... (3 replies)
Oct 11, 2007
... Your penis can't go into the uterus, it's physically impossible. Unless you're having sex with a woman who just birthed a baby and her cervix is dialated to 10. ... (22 replies)
Vibrator and Hymen
Aug 18, 2007
... If your vibrator is the same size as a penis, and you're inserting it vaginally like a penis, then I'd say that your hymen is 'done'. ... (6 replies)
Aug 12, 2007
... here were no symptoms so i past it onto him without realising i had it. he got quite itchy so i got tested and it turned out to be thrush. anyway i treated it by inserting tablets and i also used the cream. anyway on the weekend we had sex for the first time since i had thrush. ... (2 replies)
Septate hymen :(
Jun 10, 2006
... n the hole on the left. It's having sex that I'm worried about. I know that everyone says it's never that painful and doesn't bleed much but I'm terrified that a penis just won't fit in me, I genuinely don't think it's physically possible. I can barely fit two fingers up myself let alone an erect penis. ... (8 replies)
... It might be worth trying, but it would be best to work up to it. Try inserting something small, like a gloved finger that is well lubricated. Relax and you may enjoy it. He might even enjoy you doing it to him. ... (31 replies)
... I've been really scared about going on the pill for that reason. I'm not sure how accurate it is but my mom keep telling me that going on the pill will make it really hard to conceive later on in life. It's as if pleasure now but pain later on if you can't conceive any children. I think I rather go on the pill after I have my kids since then I wouldn't care if I can... (7 replies)
... JOhnny: While I don't really think you have anything to worry about (I think the chances are miniscule that your gf will get pregnant), I disagree with the 2 other posts (sorry, please don't be mad!) First, any semen, precum or not, WILL contain sperm (hence the rule about not inserting the penis before you have a condom on). Secondly, the bc pill isn't maybe the best... (7 replies)
... inches is not abnormal. Your vagina is made to stretch to accommidate a penis of most sizes. ... (3 replies)
Cervix Sensitivity
Mar 10, 2005
... During sex does your cervix go to one side. Like i can feel my cervix but then my vagina feels like its stretched up one side where his penis was. Like when your inserting a tampon your meant to put it either side of your cervix so does that mean that that part of your vagina stretches during sex. ... (9 replies)
... Good advice! (3 replies)
... She can also get a vaginal infection if she gives you oral before you have intercourse. I have had this happen with my wife. I wipe my penis off before inserting to try to prevent that. ... (3 replies)
... Unless a penis has entered your vagina you are a virgin. A dildo may tear your hymen or you may tear the hymen by inserting a tampon or through sports but you remain a virgin until you are penetrated vaginally by a penis. ... (3 replies)
... Actually, I've tried both ways. I was just doing the inserting method, but when that wasn't working I thought to rub it against my clit. Well, that didn't do anything either. ... (6 replies)
... Most likely what you are feeling is your hymen. Until the hymen is either stretched or torn either thorough a physical injury (sports) or by inserting fingers, tampons or other objects into your vagina or by a penis (losing your virginity) it will remain partially blocking the entrance to your vagina. This is completely normal. (5 replies)
Nov 7, 2003
... we took it as a slow process..He started off by fingering me, for a period of time like weeks, without having actual intercourse...he started off by inserting one finger in the bigenning, now he can put 2 fingers..... ... (3 replies)
... or more comfortable intercourse is to 'loosen her up', that is to say, encourage her vaginal opening to be more flexible. She first needs to be comfortable with inserting her OWN fingers into herself, so she can control the depth and pressure. She needs to be comfortable with her own anatomy before ANYTHING can proceed. ... (2 replies)

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