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... if you are stimulated inside ''the vagina, then is that what you call internal orgasm? ... (8 replies)
... but my problem has to do with orgasm. I have never been able to have an orgasm during sex. I can have one if I am stimulated externally, but I have never been able to have one internally. ... (5 replies)
... of women can orgasm from just straight intercouse. You may be able to improve your chance if you're on top. ... (8 replies)

... I find this comment funny because I can't have an orgasm with just clitoral stimulation alone. I have never had an orgasm from just oral sex or just touching the area. In fact, I don't really even like oral sex that much. ... (8 replies)
... cannot have an orgasm through penetration. I can only be achieved through clitoral stimulation. You nor he is lacking in any way because of it. It just is. ... (8 replies)
... D What I do is when my husband is on top with my legs in the air, or we are doing is doggie style, I play with myself while he is drilling away. I can orgasm from the clit stimulation alone, but with him inside me it is both internal and external at the same time. He says that he can feel me squeeze when I orgasm. ... (8 replies)
... internal - external? ok the poster must mean that with a penis and without a penis..... Clitoral stimulation is what causes orgasm. With men it is stimulation of the penis. When a woman is having sex with the man on top it is hard to get clitoral stimualtion but it can be done. I've only managed it a few times in my life. The position to have sex with the most amount of... (8 replies)
... out of 10 women can not achieve orgasm through intercourse. ... (8 replies)
... I have the same problem. Which really isn't a problem once you figure out how to get around it. There are two types of orgasms, internal and external. From what I understand, there aren't many women who are able to experience both kinds. You and I are external. ... (8 replies)
... I'm 25 years old and I have been sexually active since I was 13 years old, I know it's young but please don't judge. Anyway, I have never been able to have an orgasm through intercourse but I have had many during oral sex and masturbation. ... (8 replies)
... ure if I'll be able to explain this very well, and every woman is different in the way they experience orgasms. My personal experience has been that the vaginal orgasm and clitoral orgasms are equally good but slightly different. ... (7 replies)
... OMG! Are you my long-lost twin? LOL!! :D I am 100% exactly the same as you! I am so glad to know that I am not the only one who would rather have sexual intercourse over oral. I love having orgasms while my bf is inside of me. It is so much more romantic, IMO. I tell my bf all the time that I would be happy to "do him" but he absolutely does not have to "do me". But,... (10 replies)
... and it feels shallow, overwith too quickly, and not even close to the feeling I get with an internal orgasm. ... (10 replies)
... Hi! I'm a 20 year-old virgin. I have never had sexual intercourse, and I have no boyfriend or husband. I just recently started trying to explore myself sexually because I had gone 20 years without really knowing anything concerning the subject. I tried to start masturbating out of growing curiousity just to see what would happen. I only know how to masturbate by stimulating... (2 replies)
... I am 39 years old and have never had an orgasm. I've masturbated since I was a teen, had partners give me oral stimulation, and vaginal penetration with no results . When I masturbate I become aroused, my vaginal walls tightens and then there is a 1/2 second feeling of a higher pleasure (very disappointing. It lasts like a blink of an eye) Then all of this feeling (arousal,... (0 replies)
... That is interesting PNBP as most women say they have to bear down and even push during orgasm to experience this. ... (6 replies)
... i am so happy to have read this thread! I am 22, and like many of these women, have only had the clitoris O. I wondered if that was the only way..but I had heard about the G-Spot. I just didn't know! There have been a few times where my fiancé and I have tried a specific position, and everytime I thought I had to pee. So you're saying that it was the beginning of an... (12 replies)
... Ok, I can have a clitoral orgasm easy enough when I use my vibrator or if my boyfriend gives me oral etc, but I still don't understand about having an internal orgasm during sex. I'm 28 now and am still not sure if I've actually had one yet! ... (12 replies)
Pain After Orgasm
May 26, 2007
... Sometimes right after I have an orgasm, I get this intense internal pain that lasts a few minutes. Anyone know what causes that? ... (2 replies)
Orgasm too quickly
Dec 15, 2006
... My further experience comes from a different source. When masturbating, I often become aroused to the point of orgasm before I intend to do so. I'm intense in everything I do, so I have a habit of holding my breath while masturbating. This seems to speed up the process. ... (7 replies)

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