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... I think this is one of those questions where "it depends".......... Masturbation is a very normal part of the human experience....All animals do it, including humans of course. I think that if it were an every so often kind of thing, then there is nothing wrong. For whatever reason, the person may feel like masturbating...Tension release, fantasy, whatever. However, if... (7 replies)
... How Does It Make A Woman Feel When A Man Masterbates All The Time Instead Of Sex (7 replies)
... Whether a man masturbates or not is not a question of respect of self control, it's a question of fulfilling what, for them is a natural bodily function, one which he clearly doesn't want to incur into his life with you and tries to stop it affecting you. A friend of mine once tried to give up masturbating for lent - he said it was the most agonising, frustrating and generally... (7 replies)

... thats a little harsh. i have been in the same situation as this woman and it feels horrible to know that your man is looking at other women to get off- the fact that they are pleasuring themselves looking at other women makes us feel inadequate and since the women they are lookin at are typically skinny/blond/sexy it makes us feel even MORE subconcious about bodies and... (7 replies)
... ace to look at, call it self medicating. Don't try to understand it, we can't even do that. If this act is not done at certian times in our life, it will drive a man literally crazy. Its not about you or how we feel about you, we just need to do this. ... (7 replies)
... i havent read any other posts so dont know if im writing the right thing! i dont care that my boyf masterbates especially when im not in the mood sometimes i let him touch me when he is doing it then when he is done we both go to sleep! ... (22 replies)
... I agree, sometimes if I think I may hurt my g/f feelings by doing something that I know will hurt her feelings then I don't, or not let her know if I do or I don't. So if I have a fantasy about another woman I don't tell her I do, and yeah if I masterbate about another woman then thats my private time to satisfiy myself/and altho she satisfies me and theres no problems... (22 replies)
... Your right, I'm not naive enough to think he's never going to fantasize about another women again, or look at one. Sometimes you really can't help what goes on in your head. But with me its a matter of see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, and I'm glad he's at least trying to make me comfortable about it. And I'm glad he's comfortable enough with me to bring up the... (22 replies)
... if a man does then his realationship is shakie to began with, or he is not happy with his sex life and its him thats insucure. ... (22 replies)
... I don't think so, I think it makes me normal. Unless your into your man getting off on other women, and I don't see any problem with that either if thats what you like, why would you not feel weird about it? ... (22 replies)
... :rolleyes: I was going through and I saw this and I had to comment. I know exactly how that feels - well maybe not exactly, I have never walked in on him masterbating and anytime I have ever mentioned it just curiously, he says he doesnt. We have been together for over a year now. I am extremely sexual person, I feel that it is a very important part of a relationship. Our... (22 replies)
... masterbation is normal no matter how attractive your partner is or how often you have intercourse.. it doesnt matter! sometimes a man or a women needs to do it, cant someone have sometime to themselves? ... (22 replies)
... The union between a man and a woman is a picture of the union God seeks to have with us. When we find our pleasure outside of Him, He get's jealous. So why wouldn't you? ... (22 replies)
... I don't see a problem with it, just like your man probably thinks of other women when he is masturbating! ... (22 replies)
... Thanks for your advise, let me ask you this... Is it ok for me to fantasize about another man (or men) while I masterbate or fantasize about someone else while having sex with my man? (22 replies)
... I've done my reserch on why men masterbate and now I have a better understanding why they do. However, I'm still jealous when my man isolates himself away from me to please himself. I think... no, I know I'm a sexy women with deadly curves in the right place. ... (22 replies)
... He doesn't deserve alone time. He should idolize you. Those pathedic videos he views are not right. I think you deserve better. Am I being too harsh....think about it. You are strong, do not let him walk all over you. (22 replies)
... this is my issue. My boyfriend and I have pictures/videos even! I just found a small porn stash and I'm between embarassed and upset! I knew before we were together he had porn, however, he was also deployed and in another country. I'm sorry, but I do feel a little cheated on. I don't mind the masterbation, I mind that he is doing it to other women. He picks on me when I say... (22 replies)
... and if that does not work, he does not fancy you, so change your husband. (6 replies)
... My Man likes to watch me shower and Masturbate...If he likes to play with himself...try incorperating that into your sex life. ... (6 replies)

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