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... What is perineal tears? ... (0 replies)
... f the tears but I slowed it down a bit got more gentil with her ect,,ect,,,. ... (24 replies)
... Oh and perineal tears, to answer the question asked a couple posts ago, are tears towards the bottom of the vaginal opening. The skin just kind of rips. ... (24 replies)

... What is perineal tears? ... (24 replies)
... the same thing. ive always had normal paps, but should be getting the results soon from my latest. so im not sure if it could be std related. how do u know these tears can be caused by hpv? ... (11 replies)
... I am getting perineal tears after my husband and I have intercourse. I am naturally very lubricated and we even use extra lubrication sometimes, just in case. ... (11 replies)
... I have been reading the threads and I just want to clarify exactly where the tears are happening. It doesnt matter if im on top or not, it always happens. ... (11 replies)
... milar things happen too . we dont have rough sex but it lasts for about 15mins for me and after wards i am ALWAYS sore for a few days afterwards, not just in the perineal area, also around my clitoris if it was rubbing on something. ... (11 replies)
... Memsie j, you may be getting tears on the INSIDE rather than around the opening and this may be what is causing your pain. Sounds like something similar but in a different area. ... (11 replies)
... Hi, i'm 20, female. When i started having sex, i was experiencing some perineal tears afterwards and also the perineal tissue would fold and sort of thin but widen out? ... (0 replies)
... I am only a little bit older than you and definitely have NOT had kids and still get it. I've been having sex with my partner for over 3 years.. still get them! Oddly enough I didn't get them at first. I guess some women are just more sensitive down there than others and the skin breaks easily! (24 replies)
... HI IM NEW. OMG i've just spent 2 hours on the net trying to fing what is wrong with me the only perianum tears i could read about was women who've had babies - i thought maybe he was too big, pain isn't so bad during but the next few days afterwards it hurts to bend and pee cause it stings - what wrong with me? I'm only seventeen had sex only a few times but hym en is... (24 replies)
... bacterial vaginosis cycle. Now that I have the infections the tears have come back. But they did go away for a while after using the Estrace. So once I clear up the infections I'm using it again to stop the tears again! ... (24 replies)
... For you did Estrace help prevent the tears ever? ... (24 replies)
... tear came from a trauma. My ex and I had some rough sex almost 2 years ago which started all this. It was like an episiotomy tear which got infected.. so now it tears to much easier. But the Estrace cream has definitely helped to thickening the tissue there. Hopefully it works for you. ... (24 replies)
... The KY was very uncomfortable for me as well. I also thought that it burned, but at the time I guess I didn't really realize what all was out there. The astroglide was much better. It doesn't get as sticky as fast, and it did not burn me. When I finally get to start the estrace I will let you all know how it worked. I am really excited about it. One of my friends... (24 replies)
... I actually do not use a lubricant. I tried using them but it was just TOO much and I realized I didn't have any problems with my own lubricant and there was enough.. sometimes almost too much! Actually I tried KY once, I forget which one, and it made me burn down there. .so I didn't try that kind again. It was uncomfortable.. I think it was one of those warming ones, but it... (24 replies)
... I would think you can also get it at an adult store or online. It doesn't help prevent the tears but it does help with the pain afterwards. I used it after intercourse after I urinated. It works great. ... (24 replies)
... I deal with the SAME thing. I was fine when I first started having sex. Even my first time did not hurt and I never had little tears occuring. Then one time it happened when things were rough and they keep coming back. I've had them pretty painful.. where they tear all up the sides as well! ... (24 replies)
... I'm a bit concerned as everytime I have sex, my perineum tears a little bit, and causes bleeding. I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to stop it tearing so easily as it can be very irritating afterwards? ... (24 replies)

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