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... I was wondering, when is your "safe zone" to have sex? ... (12 replies)
... you count up to 11 days. Those 11 days are like the best time to have sex? ... (12 replies)
... not necessarily 14 days after the start of your pervious period. So unless you have been keeping very accurate track of your cycle, and are very regular, it is difficult to know exactly when that is. ... (12 replies)

... Actually the least risky time is when you know ovulation has PASSED for that month. Since you have an irregular cycle and don't even know when to expect a period you CANNOT consider any days your safe days. Forget this method, it's not for women like you, use protection every single time you have sex. ... (12 replies)
... so you mean if i finished with my period that day or the day before and i have sex, that is the most risky time of all? ... (12 replies)
... That he has to wear a condom? ... (12 replies)
... ught it would be fine. i don't like the idea of putting hormones in my body so taking pills is out of the question. but that's not fair for my bf so we're trying to find some alternative... no luck so far... you freaked me out saying i shouldn't use VCF alone... ... (12 replies)
... You shouldn't use things INSTEAD of a condom, you should use things IN ADDITION TO a condom, especially during the risky time. I don't know how reliable that stuff is on its own, what does it say on the can? ... (12 replies)
... The egg is only alive for one day after it has been released and that is the only time you can get pregnant. The problem is sperm can live inside you 3-5 days, so if it is already there when you release the egg, you can get pregnant. People with irregular periods should not be counting anything, I hope you get that idea out of your head :) (12 replies)
... Is it ok to use a condom and that is all? ... (12 replies)
... Um, please take my advice on something. DO NOT assume that any days are "safe". If you are having unprotected sex and simply using this method as birth control, you are seriously running the risk of regretting it!!! I hope you are using another method of birth control. ... (12 replies)
... Oh, and what Thisby said, you ovulate two weeks before your next period, but you don't know when to expect your next period, so how are you going to count days to know when to expect ovulation? ... (12 replies)
... THEE day to get pregnant. Those are the exact opposite of when you should be having sex, if you do NOT want to get pregnant. ... (12 replies)
... As I understand it, the egg may also live a little longer than a day as well, and you can still get pregnant after you think the egg has decended, when it hasn't quite yet, yes? But I agree, with a cycle as irregular as the original poster's, this method, or "natural family planning" as it's sometimes called, is HIGHLY unreliable. During the "risky" days, most people use two... (12 replies)
... she can't get pragnant she had a hysterectomy little ove two years ago, but I hear you about the insensitive part , some guys just don't wont to sastisfy there girl. ... (15 replies)
... Also set boundaries that can't be crossed and establish a safe word, that when used, ceases activity to let either of you regain your comfort zone. ... (2 replies)

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