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... It's most likely cervical mucus that signals your fertile period. Typically women ovulate two weeks before their next period, and at this time the cervical mucus (discharge) changes from thin and tacky to abundant and clear and slippery like egg whites. If you're getting this every month at the same time, that's what it is. Thank your body for letting you know when your... (4 replies)
... I get a thick white discharge about a week after every period. It doesn't itch, burn or smell. But, there can be quite a bit of it. ... (4 replies)
... Recently, I have noticed a thick, white discharge on my boyfriend's penis after we have sex. I haven't had this problem before, and it doesn't always happen, but I am confused as to what it may be. ... (6 replies)

Pain after Sex
Nov 3, 2010
... or yeast infection med over the counter. When I got a yeast infection I had thick white discharge as the diagnostic symptom. UTIs usually cause pain when you're peeing. ... (5 replies)
... I have really only noticed this for the past year but I'm sure it's been like this longer. Anyway, after my husband and I have sex there is always quite a bit of thick white discharge left on him from me it kinda looks like a school glue but a little thicker. What could this be? ... (2 replies)
... YUCK!! what is this! Today my boyfirend and I went to have sex and after about a minute I feld something comming out of me so I touched down there and it was a very thick white discharge almost like a tick lotion! What the heck is it! ... (8 replies)
... I have been having sex with my new partner for about 5 months and I've been on the pill for abut 2.5 years, I sometimes take it continuously to skip the bleeding. ... (3 replies)
... st infection ,so I took an over the counter treatment for it, I didn't help ,Ive seen numerous gynocologists and they all tell me nothing is wrong, mean while my sex life has gone down the drain. Oh, turns out I never had chlamidya, so I took those antibiotics that started my nightmare for nothing! ... (1 replies)
... of the times I have sex, I am fine, but other times it burns afterwards and I get tears and cuts very easily around the opening. They hurt! I got a little bit of white discharge and worried I had a yeast infection but the doctor said I did not have one. ... (7 replies)
... months. I had sex for the first time about a couple months before that. I have only had sex with my current boyfriend. It started with mild pain after intercourse, with some burning. And, it happened once in awhile, but especially when we had sex frequently. ... (7 replies)
... Well we did it with minimal lube and the next day my vaginal lips were very swollen and puffy. And then the discharge started to change. It went to a very thick white clumpy discharge. It itched quite a bit, especially during the 3 days the swelling stayed. And it itches a little bit now, off and on. ... (0 replies)
White Stuff
Jun 14, 2005
... I've gotten this discharge you're describing after having sex with my partner. Its never drippy, but its a thick milky discharge that kinda resembles male semen. I've never been worried about it... ... (9 replies)
... The discharge as you called it is her wetness. White, thick and creamy. ... (8 replies)
Wierd Discharge
Apr 12, 2004
... Hi...This is a bit gross but here goes. The other night my boyfriend and I were being intimate. Before we had sex he looked in my vagina and it seems that I had a lot of white kind of on the thick side discharge. Usually when I'm aroused the lubrication is clear. ... (3 replies)
Oderless discharge
Oct 21, 2003
... years ago and a large cyst that was never removed. I was put on a med to decrease the size. Well, three years ago when they actually discovered it I was having a white discharge. Its always thick. I also notice that it comes worse when I ovulate and before I start my period. ... (4 replies)
Girls and sex
Aug 18, 2003
... after sex do all girls usually have a lil white stuff come out or discharge like white and just a lil thick or is that only sometimes. ... (7 replies)
... I had a bf for about 2 yrs. awhile back, and after sex, I developed a thick, white discharge. It started to itch and SMELL, I went to the dr. ... (11 replies)
... When i had BV my symptoms slowly got worse but one of the first things i noticed was discharge on the condom, thick and white. trouble with Bv is you may have no other syptoms at all, or you might get all the symptoms. ... (8 replies)
... Now the condition seems to only be really bad for about a week after my period ends. ... (7 replies)
... f and I have sex there is thick white "stuff" at the base of his penis. ... (5 replies)

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