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I have FMS (official!) and 'falling apart' is exactly how I described myself to my doc originally. I have a terrible flare-up at present with pains all over my body. As with you my neck has been the worst in this flare-up. I found difene gel rubbed into the neck helped a bit.

Funny you mention your ears, I have found that in past week,along with neck pain I also have ear pain, but the strange thing is that it's not IN my ears, it's around the outside,from the earlobe up around to the top of the ear. I never had it like this before!

I wonder has anyone else had this type of 'outside' ear pain?

Life can be very difficult with FMS especially because you suffer alone,as there are no outward signs of pain. But at least we all have each other here to undestand and get us through our bad episodes.

My doc told me to be gentle with myself,I think he sees that I expect a lot from myself. So you too try to give yourself some time to just BE.

Neucindy welcome to the boards. Yes I have had the shooting pains from neck up through head. Doc could not find anything wrong, I now know they were just good old fibro. Still get them occasionally but since I have tried to relax more it has helped.
I have been going weekly for massage therapy. Originally for the FMS tender points and the aches associated with the illness. As my aches and pains improved the therapist focuses on the current findings.

My massage therapist is currently working on cranial sacral release, in hopes of getting the neck muscles to soften along the working on the facial and scalp muscles. She's tempted to see me twice a week for awhile, until there is more progress and then maintain weekly visits until everything is under control.

I never knew the neck had so many muscles, and everyone of them front side and back are tighter then a drum. I, too, have TMJ which causes my right ear to have sharp pains, especially when I pull down on the inner lobe.

I do feel it helps, I'm not sure if its related to FMS, or the Chronic Myofascial Pain disease, I have that too, anyone out there who knows, plz share,
uvm :wave:
Another thing are you experience sharp electrical pains and/ or nerve zaps from the back of the neck up through your head?

What does FMS stand for?

I'm not sure if this is what I suffer from but I can't find anything closer so here goes. I used to suffer it quite regularly, but now I've lost weight and I seem to get it more when I've got cold or indigestion, or crouched over a computer for long periods can bring it on sometimes.

The symptoms are really sharp shooting pains which seem to originate in the spine, but send awful aching cramping pains to my ears, neck glands, chest, upper back, and I also get a dull throbbing ache in my jaws and pressure on the temples, similar to the feeling you sometimes get when you eat cheese but 10 times worse. It feels like a trapped nerve but I'm not sure. It also causes me to feel a bit flushed and light headed.

Can anyone shed any light on this please?

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