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Three days ago I came to a rather itchy back. Noticed what I thought was a mosquito bite,:dizzy: but contiued to itch and grow very:mad: sore. A few days later my daughter took a look at my back and said mom, they have spread out and at least 18. Today the pain was so unbearable so I went to the doctors. Right away she said, clearly you have a very bad case of shingles. Looking back I have been going through a huge amount of stress in the office. She gave me Valtrex (sp?) and something for the pain. I wake a few minutes ago...... Dr said it is pretty common in us. Anyone ever hear this:as I am not familiar with Shingles. It is a very, very painful:blob_fire :blob_fire thing to have. I am hoping you know something about it. AAAnd yes I have did some research. Now I am hoping to get some "m;;kkkkkkkk" information.

THANKS, Brenda
dear brenda,
i am so sorry you are having shingles. they are pure hades with spikes on. i seem to remember they are caused by a virus? yes?
are you able to take a medical leave for a bit till you heal? work stress is a huge stress to carry. our bodies are very good at knocking us upside the head and saying stop, just stop. listen to your body.
i will dance for you this morning. a healing dance filled with anti-itch energy.
did the doc give you a topical for itching? can you also take benadryl for the itch?
i am allergic to peanut butter, love the stuff! my back and chest are telling me i ate too much of the stuff this weekend. benadryl keeps me from scratching myself raw.
i really, really empathize my friend. shingles are horrid and hurt so much.
peace and love, healing magic,
ps. several years ago my friend scotty had shingles. he was hospitalized for almost a month. he did not take care of himself back then, so he got first hand knowledge of the ramifications of not caring for his body. you are doing all that you can and respecting your body. big difference. i will email my friend now and ask him for info on your behalf. will be back when i get an answer. he works so it may be tomorrow or the next day. sorry. no doubt someone here will have info faster for you. cool showers and go naked. that much i remember.
Shingles is a virus, it's part of the Chicken pox, and Herpes virus. It is a nasty:mad: , nasty:mad: virus, and very painful. Please try and rest, ask for pain meds, or whatever else you need to get you thru this. I feel so bad for you...Sending warm soft hugs your way...

Take care, feel better.

Hi, my 9 yr old daughter went down with shingles and i was so shocked as she was so young, the only waring sign we got was for a week before the spots came out she kept saying her arm hurt, sort of like she had pulled the muscles in it. The the spots came on her chest and back. She was lucky as i dont think hers was too bad a case, she coped with it very well but at night she would cry because she would rip at her spots as she said they itched like mad, they got real red and angry and she felt so hot. I went out at bought her some Calamine Lotion (we live in uk) this is a liquid you keep in the fridge and you dab it all over the spots with cotton wool, it cools them down and gives some relief, lots of mums use it for their kids with chicken pox etc. You could give this a try for a bit of releif, i do hope you get better soon.
I was reading, I think it was AARP Bullitin, anyway, I read there either is or will be a vaccine for those that get shingles and for those of us who have had chicken pox. Your dr., if he doesn't know about it yet, should be able to easily find out more.
I have 1 friend who gets shingles every so often and 1 of my nieces got it the first time she was only about 7 yrs. old. I pray you all that the new vaccine works.

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