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[QUOTE=i am a guy;4650598]Hello everybody...
I would like to know:
1) what is the best tip you can give for somebody who just realized they have fibromyalgia? any miracle cures?
2) what does everyone here think caused their fibromyalgia? is it reversible?
3) do any other sufferers on here have pain that is focused on their arms?

Welcome to the Fibro board. The great group of sufferers here have become my "Fibro Family" as I like to call it, and I have learned a lot from them. Since FM is expressed differently in every sufferer, you will find a large array of symptoms, but more than likely you will find a few who can relate and give advice. If not, you will definitely get support, and we all need that.

Here is my effort in answering your questions:
1) The best tip I could give a new sufferer is to tell them to take care of their body and mind. Getting good quality sleep, eating healthily (get rid of the bad carbs and sugar), mild to moderate exercise to your limits, clean living- no caffeine, alcohol, stimulants, not over- doing (regular rest periods), and stress reduction (Meditation, prayer, down-time). There are no miracle cures. But praying doesn't hurt.

Also, if your FM gets so bad that walking is a problem, don't be too proud to ask your doctor for a handicapped parking placcard. That has been a God-send.

2) I have had symptoms from Lupus since I was 10 years old. My neck glands were swollen for a long time and they thought I had mono, but the test came back negative. I had a bad case of chicken pox during college and then shingles in my twenties. That was when the Lupus began flaring. It presented with neuralgic like pain down my arm. I had just got over having shingles and thought at first it was related to that. Tests were done, and I was diagnosed with Lupus. I have a cousin who has both Lupus and FM, so I can say that in my case, there is a genetic predisposition.

In my mid-thirties, the FM flared big-time and led to the diagnosis and eventually to not being able to work and disability. I couldn't even stand to be touched. I am blessed to have gotten Social Security Disability. Over the years, my FM has waxed and waned, the fatigue and pain improving and worsening.

Five years ago I had a mid-brain stroke and suddenly everything paled in comparison. I was given large doses of Prednisone and my Lupus and FM seemed to go into a remission of sorts. As long as I took care of myself, (see answer #1) I did well.

Then, years later, I was doing so well, I decided to wean myself off of Lexapro, an SSRI that was supposed to help my FM (my PCP had agreed). And, that was my mistake. I had several respiratory infections, one of which was Valley Fever, and that threw me into a big flare, but it was different. This time I had severe reactive hypoglycemia, interstitial cystitis, poor quality sleep, memory fog, sacroiliitis, and bilateral bursitis, but not the skin sensitivity and muscle pain.

So, I've found that infections seem to make my FM flare, it does get better if I take care of myself and take my medicine (Zoloft, now for life), and sometimes it effects different areas of my body. So far, my Lupus is doing well.

3) No arm pain right now. I do get bone spurs on my elbows and if I touch it wrong, it sends me threw the roof. Feels like glass cutting into my skin.

So, there are your answers (a little longer than I'd have liked). I still have lung nodules presumably from the Valley Fever and they are trying to rule out Sarcoidosis. And that's another thing. With autoimmune diseases, you can be blessed with having more than one, or two and it may be hard to distinguish between them. I still have numbness and temperature problems from my stroke. I have a bit of a limp when I'm tired.

Here's hoping for less pain and stress,
Take Care,

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