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[QUOTE=nochange;5053196]I have ear pain, the left side. I believe you have problems in your cervical area.
Perhaps you have bulging disks or herniated disks. But even if you do a surgery it won't solve the pain. It's called chronic pain.[/QUOTE]

It feels like I have cervical and thoractic problems :( they didn't see anything on xray so they aren't worried, I am! If I sit too long my head pounds to a point where I can see it moving in a mirror! It's from my neck, my mom and all of her brothers have had surgeries for herniated and fused disks, I think it's genetic? But it did not show on xray? My younger sister at 30 has herniated disks and severe arthritis in her low back and pelvis, she just had a hysterectomy and she has IC... She broke her pelvis in 05 and her pains are much the same as mine but not in the same areas...

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