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... It sounds a lot like symptoms I get every once in while. I found a sport chiropractor who realized that my left sacroilliac was siezing up and becoming irritated and painful, with all the symptoms you describe. He called it a "crunch" and within two hours, I'd be walking, bending etc. without any discomfort. He also gave me exercises to reduce the siezing incidences. It's... (36 replies)
... I have been having really bad hip pain. This is all the symptoms I have been having. ... (36 replies)
... Uh oh.... I take 1 50 mg pill in the morning and 2 50 mg more at night.... I feel not too bad in the morning until about noon, then I start hurting.... Will see what the doc says week after next.... ... (36 replies)

... made all the pain go away.... but not so anymore.... The doc upped it once and it helped, but I'm thinking the doc will have to up it again.... I've had good and bad spells with this fibro.... but I really haven't felt good since August. I'm thinking my treaching job this year isn't doing me a lot of good...... ... (36 replies)
... i also hurt the most in my hips. it starts on the outer sides, goes up to right above my hip bones then wraps around my fanny. i often wondered if there was another condition going on. ... (36 replies)
... My realization that I had Fibro started with the hip and buttocks pain. One ortho treated me for over a year as arthritis with cortisone shots and all. ... (36 replies)
... s do not work. sleep is impossible, can't lay on either side for long....and on the back i must lay perfectly straight, if on tummy then i have a hand under one hip for some releif. so what the hell is wrong with us? ... (36 replies)
... Hey trup, thanks good to know we're all in it together, I suffered with my back since I fell from a horse about 8 yrs ago. It still gets so bad even now. ... (36 replies)
... I'm sorry your also have some hip pain issues. ... (36 replies)
... u mean about doctors I have been to so many I have lost count it is so flustrating when they don't believe in Fibro or know how to help. One doctor told me I had hip bursitis in both hips and told me to exercise more and stretch. If that didn't help to come back and he would give me cortisone shots in each hip. ... (36 replies)
... I have hip pain on both sides, but the pain on my left leg goes everywhere from my kneee to my hip, on my quads, on the inside near my groin and on the outside near my hip, and in the middle... (36 replies)
... cleaning it out and instead of pouring the oil into the container instaed poured it in on the element and we had to throw it out. Just feel like crying its that bad now. And its so hard with the kids pulling out of me. ... (36 replies)
... have for it. But I did find out that this condition is very similar to Fibro and can be diagnose as such. I have never heard of this condition until now and the bad news is there is not a test to really prove its condition either. That's just great. ... (36 replies)
... You will need to do ONLY specific GENTLE GENTLE exercises for this. It takes a LOT of patience to work through it to being better. This is not something that gets better fast. I have had it chroncially for decades and the exercises just for SI and NSAIDS are the only thing that has ever helped. WATER WALKING is the absolute best. I keep a gym membership JUST for... (36 replies)
... and it kills me!! For years my lower back and neck always hurt and pops but now it's really bad and now my mid back is tight and painful and numb on the left side. Help me God!! ... (36 replies)
... I do have fibro, but when I had this pain it was horrible, I could barely walk, sit or lay down. The pain was in my hip and all the way down my leg. ... (36 replies)
... Funny, I was just coming over to start a thread about hip pain! ... (36 replies)
... oh that's too bad. Sometimes the pain is so bad that no pill seem to work. I'm not sure if ibuprofen has aspirin in it. I did get a moist heating pad that really works but it gets you all wet in the process. ... (36 replies)
... I have hip problems too..Possible Fibro, was dx with Brusitis a while back, but hipps not being alligned, I have that too. That usualy is that too !!! ... (36 replies)
... that I found I can take is Tylenol. It does nothing. I don't know if ibuprofen has aspirin in it or not I tried a lot different pills over the counter and I had bad reactions too everyone I tried. ... (36 replies)

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