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Hypnic jerks
Apr 5, 2005
... When I fall asleep my body jerks over and over. ... (7 replies)
... left foot i can feel more parts touching the ground. it is also obvious that my right shoes more loose than the left. i also have difficulties in sleeping as my body jerks every time i enter the deep sleep. ... (1 replies)
... Ears are still ringing and Body jerks have remained the same as when on my full dose. ... (118 replies)

... and some big ol' headaches, too. But the brain POPS! and accompanying body jerks!! were my all time favorite. ... (118 replies)
... heaving ..and it only happens when I JUST start to fall asleep with the body jerks... ya.. ... (2 replies)
... r has changed me to new pain pills and I am on Cymbalta. I started having twitching about one month ago but instead of getting better it is getting worse. I have body jerks all over. It is so annoying. You would think the pain pills would relax the jerking. I talk an epson salt bath and relax. It is not going away. ... (22 replies)
Worrying again..
Apr 8, 2010
... I have hand Doctor said I have 'essential tremors' they're supposed to be harmless and Ativan stops them. My body jerks and twists too:dizzy: Talk to your Doctor about them. Fibro brings on so many symptoms that we don't know whats what and that is why we live in Doctor's Offices:mad: Take Care ~Belle~ (9 replies)
... I am on wellburtrain, for my depression, Klonopin for anexty, sleep, and body jerks as well as my RLS. ... (3 replies)
... I don't have RLS. I just move my legs around because the ache. I don't have the urge to get up, Idon' have any other symptoms. (17 replies)
... sounds like RLS ---I have that 2 and have been dx with RLS--it comes and goes a few weeks ago it was really bad, I take klonopin for it and body jerks--did take requip at one time. I take 50,000uts of vitamin D prescription once a week you can over dose on vitamin D---but since my levels are still low after a year guess no concern there (17 replies)
... I have Myoclonic jerks and restless legs---and have it not just when sleeping. I take Klonopin and Soma (also for muscle spasms) for the most part it helps, but lately the restless legs thing is going on, and it is not just in my legs it is my arms also (4 replies)
... I've have that problem, where your body just jerks hard all over, when you are about ready to fall asleep, or just particular muscles jerking repeadedly. ... (4 replies)
... I have major muscle twitching and body jerks and have to take Klonopin for them, every once in a while I will still have them, but it won't cause the constricting pain I get other wise (13 replies)
... I didn't know that klonopin would help muscle spasms or restless leg syndrome. Little do I know. lol. I broke down and called my dr today and they are out for Easter vacation. :mad: I'm tired of waking up hurting like this. I don't even know if the pain is from my Fibromyalgia. It feels like muscle strain in the upper part of my back and shoulders, and it's triggered by... (5 replies)
... the klonopin is for my body jerks I get, and muscle spasm---and helps with my anexity. but dr gave it when I started in 03 with body jerks and restlesslegs In fact I need to go it it re-filled tonight or I won't have it to take. (5 replies)
... an hour. Unless I have been drinking enough water in the first place. How much is enough is up to your body as far as I am concerned. I drink alot of water. between 5 and 8 liters a day, sometimes more, esp during thunderstorm season. ... (8 replies)
... seems it is just getting worse and worse with not much down time. Med I take are Wellbutrin---for depression most of my adult life soma---muscle relaxer nexium---acid reflux (which I am off of right now as the copay doubled--but after indigestion all night last night and throwing up---think it is time to break down and pay the extra... (8 replies)
... Hi,:wave: I am fairly new to This board, but not to the pain. Years ago a dr mentioned Fibro when I had problems walking and feet hurting when getting out of bed---that had to be 6 to 10 years before the full blown sx's started. I have been to 5 or more neuro's last one 3 years ago did tell me possible MS down the road (my current Dr is wanting me to go back) Been... (10 replies)
... Make sure you're tested for Hypothyroidism and Lupus. Talk to your Doctor if your body 'jerks and spasms' out of the blue. ... (16 replies)
... Hi Twinkle. My body jerks and twists also. I'm like what is going on with me? ... (4 replies)

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