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... Does anyone ever get that Creepy Crawly feeling? ... (4 replies)
... Hi Belle. I have had all the symptoms you have mentioned. I used to get bad electrical type shocks all over my body. Would last for weeks off and on. I also got alot of creepy crawly feelings - like ants crawling under my skin - also on and off for years. Also have had twitching and weird muscle movements. I was petrified for years I had some horrible neuro. illness. All... (4 replies)
... syndrome with your doctor. it can affect the whole body. i took meds for several years for it. now i take nothing and mostly do okay. still get the itching buggy feeling but doable without drugs. the constant need to move has gone away and seldom happens with any intensity. ... (4 replies)

... That's an awful, awful feeling and it's wonderful getting the blank look from doctors when you try to describe it or get help for it. Sorry you have it!!! ... (4 replies)
... i did learn to relax and let it happen. seemed like when i resisted it got worse. same now with the jerkies. i just go into the feeling and trip on my body's ability to act so bizarre. ... (4 replies)
... Once again, April, we are posting on the same thread!! I get the bug feeling and the water feeling too. Not very often. Sometimes it feels like you have a loose strand of hair flying around too. I don't know the if, ands, or why's behind it though. ... (2 replies)
... e pain. I have siatic nerve pain that effects my legs but the fibro nerve type pain can be vey similar and cause burning, tingling, numbing. I even have at times creepy crawly feeling and the sensation of bug bites or electric zaps thru out my legs and sometimes arms. ... (11 replies)
... th some nerve damage, I have very sensitive skin on my legs. Scratching a simple itch has to be done gently or it feels like claws going down my legs. Tingles or creepy crawly feeling spread thruout my body off and on. And temp changes make the skin feel different too. Then theres those sharp zaps that shoot up the legs... ... (7 replies)
... ask about valerian root and kava kava. i used to make my own tinctures. less expensive to make your own and its fun. buying something someone else made was not as affective as what i made myself. must be the love. peace, bluelakelady (4 replies)
... Thanks so much. Bluelakelady Restless leg is Exactly what it feels like! so glad you said that. I have problems with RL at night if I don't take my folic acid and potasium. I'll ask about stuff for RL next time I go by the health food store. Betty who owns it is So knowledgable about stuff like that. (4 replies)
Shin pain
Mar 21, 2009
... It's not really a creepy crawly thing. I spoke to my Rheumy about it and told her it didn't feel like what I think restless leg is about. This is a hot burning, sort of tingly throbby pain... ... (8 replies)
Shin pain
Mar 20, 2009
... I have a similar pain - if I haven't taken my Sinimet - my legs get this creepy crawly feeling - mainly my left leg, however my right leg is now starting to do this too. However, I saw your title, and thought wow, someone with the same thing as me - however, if my partner runs her heal up my shin while we are sleeping (you know spooning position) - it is a pain like no... (8 replies)
... Hi BlueLakeLady! is Neurontine(sp) really good? I take so many pills and at one time years ago the Doctor prescribed Neurontine then the TV Ads come on and saying all this stuff about Strokes and whatnot that freaked me out. Maybe I'll try it again. Thank you for your kind response. Belle~ (4 replies)
... Hi Twinkle. My body jerks and twists also. I'm like what is going on with me? I hate that you and others have this but I'm glad I'm not alone either. Be Well and (((gentle Hugs conimg you way))) Belle~ (4 replies)
... Please say I'm not the only one here that has this. I go to see a Neurologist next week and I start Pain Management next week also OH and a Stress Test has been ordered. Dang, doesn't this ever end. I've been so depressed lately and my AD's have been changed so many times but it seems I can take only Wellbutrin. Doc has changed sleeping pills, traz something, I haven... (4 replies)
... I seem to jump from board to board but that's mostly because I'm getting frustrated with the medical community. It started with a creepy crawly feeling in my spine...doc. suspected MS but the MRI didn't reveal any spots but two disc bulges. I had 3 epidurals and PT but no relief. ... (15 replies)
... om you mentioned, aside from the extreme pain in the arms. I do have pain in my shoulders and upper arms, but not as bad as yours. I do have an achey throbbing feeling at times in my arms from just below the elbow down into my hands. ... (4 replies)
Burning Skin
Oct 18, 2005
... Oh, and yes, I get the creepy crawly feeling too. Not as much anymore, but it feels like a bug is crawling on my leg or arm. ... (9 replies)
... yeah thats it. its so annoyinng!! april xx (2 replies)
... my neuropathy started after childbirth. Im waiting mri, i have annoying feelings sometimes like bugs,flys crawling on me but nothing there when i look? any one else have same? what causes it? can trapped nerves do it? is it a defineate symptom of fibro?love aprilx (2 replies)

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