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Mar 12, 2014
... If tramadol isn't working for you stop taking it and don't look back. When I first started cymbalta i felt great too. By the time i decided to go off it i wasn't feeling good at all, fatigue and personality changes were the worst part. ... (8 replies)
Fibro & MCTD
Feb 20, 2014
... Amanda, fatigue can be caused by several things in AI disease and your situation. I would try to check on all possible treatable things that could cause fatigue. ... (13 replies)
... Hi Debra, hope today's a little better for you. My reason for stopping cymbalta were many. ... (5 replies)

... I wish there was an answer for the fatigue. Cymbalta will cause the fatigue to increase over time, as much as it will keep you awake. Be careful of that tradeoff, it's a slippery slope. ... (2 replies)
... I almost couldn't walk. So...back to the doc I went. She smiled and said she knew I was too hard headed to just take her word for it. Anyway, she put me on Cymbalta and, literally overnight, I could move freely again. My legs, which had been like stone, worked. I could just get right up and walk. ... (2 replies)
Pristiq fatigue??
May 18, 2011
... Has anyone dealt with this and how long does it last?? I am only on 20 mg...I took 10 last night and am having terrible dizzy spells see if it would help with fatigue. I can not function asleep and unmotivated....Been 1 week Please someone give me advice! (3 replies)
... I have been taking Cymbalta twice a day for almost a year. I have problems with sleep as well, so I sometimes take amitriptiline for that. ... (3 replies)
... adjusting to the cymbalta. I stayed pretty tired and slept quite a bit the 1st week or so I was on it but e were also on vacation so I didn't attribute it to the cymbalta but it could have been. I feel better on cymbalta than I did on Wellbutrin and 1 other, can't remember the name right now. ... (3 replies)
... Has anyone had this kind of fatigue on Cymbalta, and if so, does it pass? ... (3 replies)
Crazy fatigue
Mar 21, 2013
... I was on Lyrica for just shy of two years. The doctor took me off it because it was not really helping me. I still had the same amount of daily pain and fatigue but it did seem to hold off the bad flares. ... (24 replies)
Crazy fatigue
Mar 20, 2013
... While I think cymbalta might help, it has it's bag full of side affects. ... (24 replies)
Crazy fatigue
Mar 20, 2013
... I think Cymbalta helps in several ways. It helps with the chronic pain, helps you sleep better, so you aren't so sleepy during the day. ... (24 replies)
... g to stabilize and has dropped a little bit. But I really enjoyed those hyper moments, still only napping about twice a week. I love that because it's from real fatigue and not a drug induced daily crash. Relearning how to deal with the back pain cymbalta was hiding. ... (119 replies)
... Now I'm trying to build up to my next drop down. So far my pain level is steady and bearable. Had a little bout with fatigue today but I think it's because of being woke in the middle of the night by a strange ticking that got us up trying to find it . ... (119 replies)
... Sis,So glad that energy found it's way,and made it b4 those nasty cold winds showed up here. I'd be the same way and pot the strawberries. You never know who would like a few plants. Besides they are alive ;) The saline may be a good idea, the thought of a neti pot even crossed my mind. I have the humidifier on with some cinnamon leaf and thyme oils , both healing to the... (119 replies)
... first few days I had a underlying headache but other than that no real changes in FM pain. Back pain increased. This is day 8 and no more headaches and the hard fatigue has let up some. There is still some fatigue but it's not uncontrollable like it had been. ... (119 replies)
... I think this may be the right time for me to start my slow dance getting off Cymbalta. I ran out of my usual dose waiting for my refill to arrive so I thought what better time to start. I grabbed my leftover from a previous dose, 10 less mgs. So I'm going from 40 to 30. My refill should be here soon I'm sure it's slow because of the holidays. My plan is to take the 30s for a... (119 replies)
... is the most energizing, and works on norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine, so covers all the possible deficiencies in neurotransmitters. Cymbalta is more helpful for chronic pain and works on Norepinephrine and Serotonin. ... (3 replies)
... Cymbalta is a newer drug that is used for anxiety/depression and chronic pain particularly neuropathic pain and is approved for use in fibromyalgia. It is worth asking your Dr about it and doing some research on it. Less cardiac side effects as well. It is rather expensive, so hopefully you have insurance for prescriptions. Wellbutrin is another option to consider for the... (3 replies)
Sep 11, 2012
... I take Cymbalta for depression, but also have lupus and peripheral neuropathy, so it helps with all three. I get along with it fine. ... (17 replies)

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