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... cause seizures in a rare few! Also, there can be severe light sensitivity with Fibromyalgia. ... (6 replies)
... I was looking to see if my new possible diagnosis of epilepsy would be caused by my fibromyalgia, which I have had for 6 years, and came across your post. The light sensitivity is definitely a fibromyalgia symptom as well as constant headaches and migraines, nausea etc etc. ... (6 replies)
... Thank you for your reply! Has your dr. said that the light sensitivity is due to Fibromyalgia? ... (6 replies)

... Yes! Just going from one light setting to another really affects me. I cannot walk outside at all without sunglasses on a clear day. ... (6 replies)
... Hi Seaturtle (love your screen name by the way...we are HUGE turltle lovers here! LOL). Thank you so much for your reply! All of what you mentioned affects me terribly...I have to keep hats and sunglasses on every time I go out and even that doesn't help totally, keeps me from getting really bad. At least I can still communicate some. By the time I get to my... (6 replies)
... I can't sit under flourescent light or be exposed to glare or too much bright sunlight. These things, along with perfumes, will send me straight into a migraine. ... (6 replies)
... If I am not feeling my best the light bothers me. I sit at my desk at work sometimes with my sunglasses on. ... (6 replies)
Bone pain
Dec 8, 2012
... Blue, I think he just added sjogrens based on labs and symptoms without pursuing it individually. I can tell you I have had the driest of lips, mouth, eyes, skin, hair all my life and my fingers and feet hurt in cold (weather or room air) and always have. I was on plaquenil but I gave it up as I was having such extreme light sensitivity (have not told Rheumie) that it requires... (14 replies)
... reading, loosing tract of the overall idea of a paragraph, not being able to remember of the next word they were going to speak. Other things that they have are extreme light sensitivity and sometimes extreme noise sensitivity. ... (19 replies)
... Our youngest daughter has extreme light sensitivity. The opthomologist prescribed stronly tinted lenses and actually got them through the insurance ogres. ... (5 replies)
... I haven't had the extreme ear symptoms you're having, do have tmjd, some tinnitus. it could be the fibro too, so maybe some of the things that turn down our over reacting systems. ... (4 replies)
... Hi, First off I am very sorry to hear you were diagnosed with RDS. Are you going to a specialty center for it? I have been reading a lot about it because it seems to come from sensitization... I was diagnosed with Central Sensitization Syndrome around February, I was looking into Ketamine and specifically the coma to "reset" the system. I can't even imagine the pain you... (5 replies)
... now. I used to have spells of this, but then again I attributed this to low blood pressure. My eyes are all messed up with floaters and I do have blurring with light sensitivity so I type like in a cave with spotlight on screen as I cannot stand any glare. ... (10 replies)
... OK - I'm 29 yrs old... and I have MANY visible tattoo's and piercings - so right off the bat doctors judge me... however- I'm am a conservative Christian and most of my tats are Christian based... here's my story: I THINK I have Fibro - maybe a few other issues - idk - but this is what i wrote and took to my doc appt (military doc on base) I like her - but she's wanting to... (4 replies)
... The pain is worse at night and I often wake up a lot. I haven't been able to sleep on my right side for over two years now with out extreme pain and headaches. ... (4 replies)
... bottles without causing extreme pain in my hands. ... (4 replies)
Could I have FM?
Feb 15, 2011
... After my dr mentioned FM or CFS I found a checklist and am amazed I have alot of symptoms of both of these, how do I figure out which one I have? CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME/FIBROMYALGIA SYMPTOM CHECKLIST GENERAL _____ Fatigue, made worse by physical exertion or stress – (2004) _____ Activity level decreased to less than 50% of pre-illness activity level (2009) _____... (5 replies)
Sep 7, 2010
... Right now I am in over drive sensitivity because I fell and now my muscles, joints, feet, skin, scalp all of it hurts!! ... (20 replies)
... Hi SnowBunny, Well one good place to start looking at symptoms and such is on the Mayo Clinic's website. After getting diagnosed I went on there and was able to do a lot of research on the disease. I'm guessing you have Firbromyalgia (since you are on this group) and wanted to let you know that it is VERY common for people with FMS to also have CFS and vice versa. From... (7 replies)
... Extreme sensitivity to cold temperatures. It's painful to go outside if I'm not completely covered from head to toe. ... (14 replies)

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