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Lyrica Tablets
Nov 19, 2008
... Hi there everyone, well my story is, I hurt my back last year just before my wedding! it seemed to get better or it was adrenalin,not sure,but it was grand for my wedding and my honeymoon. but then after christas,it started up again,so i started physio and pilates,but just getting no better so doc sent me for MRI scan, i had torn my disc and had a bulge. Well long story... (3 replies)
Lyrica Tablets
Nov 19, 2008
... Thank you so much for your replies,its so helpful to read other peoples views! i should of mentioned that i have been going to a chiropractor as well since may. He took blood tests and he said to me that he was checking for that and said it they came back clear, not sure what you do to test for fibromyalga. yeh he has kept me on zydol as well as the lyrica. i was... (3 replies)
Lyrica Tablets
Nov 19, 2008
... Yes, you definately need to go to a different doc, preferably a specialist. Or if you have a pain clinic, (I go to one for my buldging discs), they can help with some wonderful therapy's and help control your pain. I take Lyrica, and for me it works for me, but if you're not certain you have fibro, my advise is not to take it. Get in to a different doc right away if you can! ... (3 replies)

Lyrica Tablets
Nov 19, 2008
... o find out what is wrong with you. You are having some serious problems and you need to go to a Spine clinic or doctor that specializes disorders of the spine. Lyrica sometimes works but most of the time it does not. ... (3 replies)
... original errand, with no concept of the amount of time she was gone. Last week she apparently got foggy and went into a loop about taking her meds. She took 49 lyrica tablets in 10 days along with unspecified amounts of her other drugs. She had hallucinations and ended up being transported to the E.D. ... (46 replies)
... I've been on Lyrica for a year now... I haven't had any bloating, swelling or weight gain what so ever..... When I first started, I swear, I felt relief in a half hour to an hour... ... (15 replies)
... I came of Lyrica/Cymbalta because they shut down my waste systems. Soon after, I was back to no sleep at night, you know, the usual for someone with this stuff. A friend recommended water-soluble magnesium; went to the local health store and they gave me magnesium citrate 500mg. Helps sleep and constipation. I'm now just on a very low dose of amitryptylene and flexiril... (1 replies)
... i really hope that lyrica helps you so you have less pain..... ... (5 replies)
... Hello, I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (about 15 years ago) and have tried many meds for it... Lyrica, Gabapentin, Cymbalta, Amitriptylene, etc.) with no relief and horrible side effects. I started taking Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen after a major surgery in 2009 and discovered that it helped immensely for my Fibromyalgia pain/stiffness. My doctor continued to prescribe... (1 replies)
... Hi, This may not be the popular answer, but once you've asked your doctor what they are and what they do, why not try them? If they can help you? I understand fear & concerns, I do. But, why live in the kind of pain that prevents you from...well, LIVING? It seems from what you've listed and what your comments are, that you really haven't tried any type of meds. You must... (8 replies)
... I have never heard of using Prednisone for Fibromyalgia but that is what has caused you to gain weight, if you suspect you have a Thyroid disease then it is a simple blood test to check the hormone levels which is usually treated with tablets & it is common in fibro sufferers. I understand your pain & tiredness as I have lived with fibro for 16 years & treatment is hard to... (2 replies)
... he symotoms are both so close to each other, at this stage I would just like to know either way was nearly going to ask GP to prescribe me with a short course of tablets for parkinsons to see if it would help. ... (4 replies)
... Valerie, I am sorry to hear about how much this disease, syndrome, or whatever they classify it as is hurting you. I am also dealing with Fibromyalgia. They have also diagnosed me with Sjogrens Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, Migraines, IBS (with constipation), tendonitis in my right shoulder, and I can't remember what else. I feel like I am 83, not 43. I am on a ton of... (18 replies)
... I also get this but i found mine doubled when i was on lyrica are you on this? ... (22 replies)
... Yesterday I had an appointment with my rheumatologist to discuss my MRI that was done on my S I joint. I was told on my previous exam that if this MRI was normal then it's fibromyalgia. My results ... Normal ... I then am told that I have all of the symptoms of fibromyalgia, but she doesn't want to diagnose me. She said that she thought it'd be good to have a 2nd opinion... (41 replies)
... work and act in the brain center to sort of short circuit the pain triggers. Go for it but STAY in contact with your doctor as these meds have some side effects. Lyrica should be the choice as it works quicker. ... (3 replies)
... the meds I use, however, after reading so many posts by people saying Lyrica has terrible side effects, I just checked out the official website and was shocked that the entire 1st page is all about the horrible side effects. ... (21 replies)
... i got the book "Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain" by Devin Starlanyl. She used to be an M.D. and she has cmp and fms. It was written before cymbalta and lyrica were on the market, but she hit everything else head on. I was in so much pain, and i thought i was gonna flip out. ... (21 replies)
... As for the pain of Fibro, I'm on morphine and endocet. Lyrica is not covered by our national health care system nor my extended health package nor is Tramacet. ... (8 replies)
... I take o.c. for pain from tmjd, myofascial, and fibro. My dosage is 40 mg 2x daily. It really scared me too, but then I was in pain all the time, in the middle of the night, crying. One incident helped me make the decision, I woke up at 2 am and was in so much pain in my jaw, I was shaking, and in pain, crying to my husband. It was time for me to change my pain meds. I was... (30 replies)

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