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... I just read and replied to your letter! ;) I didn't realize that this was the doc it was to until just now. Here's the link to your letter thread: I'm sorry that the appointment didn't go as you had hopped. I agree completely with tmrots on this! I think it's really time to seek out a more caring, and... (17 replies)
Little pain
Jan 25, 2011
... themartinfarm, there is a post here about it. Caribear has added a bit of info about it if you read through the first page. Glojer I really appreciate the exchange of information we have here aswell :) xx (27 replies)
... There is posts below about the creepy crawlys... Here are the links... (9 replies)

... Hey guys. I've posted on here a few times in the last month or so and some of you have been great insight. This was my most recent post So, My doctor thought i was developing an auto immune disorder bcuz he put me on prednisone to see if it would take my pain away (it did 100%) But after being weaned off the... (11 replies)
I am new here-
Jun 18, 2008
... I just posted my symptoms at this thread (10 replies)
... butrfligirl28, Glad to hear that the Cymbalta has made you feel better. Have you been diagnosed with FM? If so, what symptoms were/are you having? I have been to two different Rhemy's which one said I have it and the other said I don't. Now after seeing a Psychiatrist he said that I must be depressed and prescribed Paxil which I have been on before and was fine. My... (10 replies)
Guide me please?
Sep 17, 2006
... Is this the one you need? (1 replies)
... we did this already (1 replies)
... I had originally posted this on the stress board ( I had an interesting conversation with my Dad. He was diagnosed with Fibro about 3 years ago but probably had it for many years before that. He had bypass surgery 11 years ago which seemed to trigger most of his symptoms. However, when I started to describe my... (6 replies)
... Hi again DC ... read this thread ... may help u ;) >>> (4 replies)
Mar 10, 2005
... It's important to point out that Myalgistat is supposed to be taken for a month to be effective. (2 replies)
... this is a link to a letter that i have seen people use to try and inform those who do not understand "invisible illnesses" and the effects on the sufferers. maybe someone can find it useful here. well, links arent working here, so i will just paste the letter: A Letter to Normals from a Person... (10 replies)
Jan 12, 2004
... Thanks so much for all the valuable information. I seriously doubt my Dr. will prescribe a stronger pain med. It angers me that it's nearly impossible for chronic pain sufferers such as you and me have a difficult time getting relief, simply because there are sick individuals out there who have nothing better to do with their time than to attempt getting a "high" off... (4 replies)
... dramagurl, Hello and Welcome! :wave: You can have a very full life with Fibro. My mom has Fibro too and she did home-day-care for years, and that is a lot of hard work... running after 2 year olds for 10 hours a day is tough for someone with Fibro, but my mom did it for a very long time.... She is now and office person and she works 50-60 hours a week. Her... (8 replies)
... Pixie, Everytime anyone says Paxil, OxyContin, Effexor, Tylenol, Advil, and every other medicine name we are naming products. Here is a link to a post made by a moderator where he/she discusses that we can name product names but it is not appropriate to post a phone number or website where someone could buy the product :) ... (6 replies)
... Kaye, Hello and Welcome! :wave: I am sorry that you have been through so much... stress can play a major factor in developing fibromyalgia, tmj, headaches, ibs and acid reflux... and you have certainly experienced a major amount of stress. But let me see if I can help you with some of your questions first- Has anyone here experienced a pain at the bottom of... (5 replies)
... Tina, Hello and Welcome! :wave: I have had TMJ type pains and problems and I was diagnosed with TMJ long before I was diagnosed with Fibro. You might want to do some reading about Myofacial Pain and Trigger Points... there are many people (myself included) who have trigger points that make the TMJ and fibro more painful. Trigger points that occur in Myofacial pain... (9 replies)
Newly diagnosed
Dec 22, 2003
... Wittesea, Thanks for your reply. I pretty much agree with the doctor on this one. It's my sister who doesn't. In the past year I have been tested for everything, rhuem, lupus, thyroid, the tick disease, I have had x Rays and MRI's. For awhile I thought maybe it was nothing, that I was over what ever it was and then out of no where I am having serious pain and spasm again. I... (7 replies)
Newly diagnosed
Dec 19, 2003
... Hello and Welcome! :wave: You seem a bit unsure of your diagnosis... do you think that the doctor was right when he diagnosed Fibro? There are some doctors that don't understand Fibro very well, so they use it as a "waste basket" diagnosis... in other words, they don't know what it really wrong with you, it doesn't seem serious to them, so they slap a Fibromyalgia... (7 replies)
... Hello and Welcome! :wave: Your first appointment with a Rheumatologist will most likely include the following- *** a full history- The doctor (or nurse) will ask you a lot of questions about your own health history as well as the history of family members. They will also probably ask you about your symptoms. If you tend to be forgetful (like me) it would help to... (16 replies)

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