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I fell and broke my ankle (lower fibula) and I badly sprained my other foot. I was put in a splint for 3 weeks and they just got me into a boot im going to have to wear for 4 weeks+.

Right towards the end of wearing the splint I was getting a lot of calf pain when I moved it around. After they put it in the boot, the pain got worse. It is so painful and hurts so much that it makes moving my leg almost excruciating sometimes. The pain is like a throbbing feeling mixed with some sharp stabs here and there. I try to rub it to help but it doesn't help much. Can my muscle be that sore? Did I tear it maybe? I mean is it this normal to be in such pain? Could there be a way to help it except for loads of Ibuprofen?

Another thing is that my sprained ankle still hurts a bit and I was told that I had to start walking on it and i dont think they heard me saying that i can go about 10 feet on crutches before my ankle starts hurting me that i cant use them any more. Should i try to walk more on the sprained foot? Or stick to a wheelchair?

I know that i have a lot of questions, but i dont think the doctors were of much help to me. ANY advice would be so helpful!!

Thanks! :)
I would ask for pain meds if they didn't give you something. I broke my left ankle and severely sprained my right. I was off my feet for 4 months due to the pain. I took prescription pain meds for about 6 months, mostly tramadol. I know now that taking pain meds for a while is not the best thing due to side effects but it helped to take the edge off.

I thought the boot would help after a while but it wasn't completely comfortable. Try using foam pads inside where it hurts and wear really cushiony socks. If you are talking about pain inside your calf it may be left over from the injury. I found out these things do not heal quickly.

Since your ankles and feet bear your weight its going to hurt for the rest of your life to some extent. In my case both tibia and fibula were broken in 2 directions and will have to deal with pain. However I hope it won't be as bad for you. Follow doctors directions and go to physical therapy as much as possible. PT helped me so much and helped me walk again. be sure to talk to your therapist about where it hurts.

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