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April 23 rd , 2015 about three weeks ago now, I fell with my entire weight of 148 lbs at five ft three onto my one left heel fracturing it and also fracturing a joint on top middle of my foot by end of my leg where it meets the top of my foot and slightly to the left of middle.
ER, out of state in east visiting from where I now live in the west. left me feeling helpless and worrying about bills.
left the hospital next morning after iv drip of morphine and some other cocktail for pain relief and with a script for hyrdrocodone with aceteminophen (spelling?) and an L shaped cast called a splint and ace bandage. Cast dried and was too long afterward and should have been made less long up to back of knee...careless by doctor. could have been sawed down i was told by another surgeon visit who never examined my leg or my ct scans cds I brought him but still need to pay him later...not happy about that...
he did give me an idea who to go to out west when home that had background in school in calcaneous fractures and was part of the ankle society or something
bad thing that happened upon leaving the hospital the next morning and not going to rehab as they suggested as it would have cost me 10 grand they said and I had medicare but medicaid might not pick up last 20 percent (as medicare pays 80 percent so I 've heard), unless massachusetts called my state back west and enrolled in their medicaid program which involved a lot of paperwork then my state would reimburse their state otherwise i get stuck with the 20 percent medicaid portion of the bill. most states are too lazy to go through the trouble.
so....i was afraid to go back to ER a second time an hour after leaving and then falling a bit onto heel (which you are to put no weight on at all or else the bones separate more...) of my bad foot and twisting i tried on meds to navigate a three inch rise by hopping up using a walker with a friend limply holding me under my arms who then let go of me as i hopped up....he freaked and just let go and then grabbed me but too late...i reinjured my foot which may cost me now a lifetime of pain ..also ER never adjusted the walker for my height and it was too high which caused me pain for next four days til i had a lucid moment and figured it out that I could adjust it on lower legs of walker where there are tiny buttons:(
i took off splint two hours later due to worse injury and swelling and did the ice and elevation program and limping to the bathroom in a friend's crowded home hoping in two weeks I could manage a flight west and see a surgeon who knew what he was doing and who knew he would get paid in entirety as my medicaid was active in my state no problem.
after only two weeks he said I should start physical therapy for range of motion but don't go ouch or up to the point of an ouch pain or I could displace bones that still weren't healed and fully congealed (only go to point of discomfort not pain) and his current xrays that day showed after two weeks bones were already congealing but mobile still so no weight bearing at all or serious problems could occur and prevent proper healing.
I have read all your threads and am so grateful for your time and input..thank you so very much....and see that no one else started weight bearing at six weeks it was 8 weeks or four months before that so am scared he doesn't know what he is doing....I am in my sixties and it takes longer for us to heal I was told so why is he pushing PT and also weight bearing at six weeks...may only be partial weight bearing but I am very nervous about it.
the boot he put on me I cannot wear with broken heel and cannot drag around and cannot use when on my knee walker scooter that i bought at med supply store for 275 without a script as i was in desperate need of it asap. you can loan them from county nurse or senior ctr i heard or buy them second hand on amazon i heard for half that i guess. I love is a God send and it makes life so much better...(if I wear the heavy boot with the knee walker it is like I am carrying a cement boot at the end of my leg and my knee muscles get stretched and compromised and then another problem starts there so got out of the store quick and sat down on a chair outside that was for sale and got that boot off and quick...iced the knee for twenty minutes and massaged it and feared the boot....I do regular exercises all day to make my foot go in the L shape position needed to one day walk again on it....which the boot provides the outline and structure and support for actually....I understand that....but the boot hurts the fracture on top of my foot so need to wear it reclining with foot in it but very light or no velcroing of material over top of my leg when lying down or too painful due to fracture on top of foot (in addition to heel fractures) .the problem with foot injury I am learning is the limiting of not being able to move easily through space....the knee walker cures that...and you feel as though you are walking again and so mobile and so what is the big deal....until after a week of getting used to it and you feel like a cripple who is fooling herself into thinking she's not. but that is not encouraging so I had to tell myself...look you could have been killed and you never fractured your ankle, knee, or hip or pelvis or cracked open your skull so be grateful and so now I am so so grateful and know many of you have fractures of 15 or 24 bones and I feel so sad for you but so happy that after two years you are much better and back to give me hope..I was told this is an 18 month deal. Hyrdrocodone and acetominophen and occasionally a muscle relaxant which also helps me sleep through the night sometimes called diazepam has helped immensely...I was told by dr never to use ibuprofen for bone breaks as it delays healing...something about bleeding use acetominophen/tylenol. some of you say naproxen works so may try that next and will ask doctor. I unwrap my ace bandage during the day when elevating and bandage at night and when going out for appts so to keep it straight and safer....cannot tolerate the heavy black boot only when in recliner and sitting upright with foot on floor and when in bed on a pillow with foot elevated otherwise it is like a cement boot weighting down my knee on my scooter and I scream with knee pain from the weight hanging down off the back of my scooter so will ask for a better and new L shaped casted splint on my 3rd week visit on monday to that specialist dr i found here out west who deals with heel fractures exclusively. My joint on top of my foot is fractured and that has been my worst pain and it extends to lower left of my ankle and since doing ROM exercises from my PT person I now see a bone sticking out on lower right side of ankle like she moved my foot too far and she wasn't supposed to go past the ouch point only to the point of discomfort...i am worried that these people don't know what they are doing because I went in there without a cast first time they saw me and maybe they thought I was farther along than I was or something.....
hopefully they are not pushing me to stand on this heel at six weeks and I believe I should wait til 8 weeks or even 12 and just do the gentle stretching of toes and arch and bending up and down and only very slightly to each side in PT until after fully healed at six is only 2-3 weeks and they have me in PT already??? something doesn't sound right compared to the rest of I am worried...more later....they want me to use boot one hour a day then two hours a day then three day after day and so on....and I am still healing....I am not sure this is right...seems much too soon and I fear my bones in heel are moving and won't congeal properly and I'll have a lifelong limp or problem or something....any thoughts.,...please share..thanks. best of luck to all you out there and thank you so much for your sharing and for your time and encouragement.

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