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My podiatrist has diagnosed me with a Haglunds deformity that caused a nasty bout of bursitis - 6 months later and I can still barely ever wear shoes with backs. She also diagnosed the pain I'm having in my toes as being a tailors bunion. After arch supports, quality shoes, etc. havent helped, she's suggesting surgery. In researching the tailors, I'm seeing a lot of complaints about the outer part of the foot, the part that's actually sticking out. All my pain is more inside my foot. Its a constant ache at the end of the day, and sometimes throughout the day depending on my footwear, even though I only wear arch support and quality shoes with a wide toe base now. It's hard to describe, but the pain is sort of between my pinkie and 4th toes, near the joint but spreads out quite a bit. It's not tender at all on the outside or underside of my foot.

For anyone who has/had a tailors bunion, does this sound familiar? The bunion doesn't seem very pronounced compared to what I've seen on others, so I'm slightly hesitant about surgery. I'm scheduled for an MRI soon to confirm that there isn't anything else going on (my request) while they also do my ankle to check for damage to my Achilles, but I'd love to hear from others. Thank you!

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