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Please help, My husband has this prickly burning sensation at the bottom of his feet. It is a bit red towards the heels and his feet has the worst ever smell. We had some treatments at a SPA, and I thought he picked up some fungus in the shower. I tried to be very cautious at home not to infect myself, like wearing sandals in the shower, use clean towls just once etc. Now I have the same, the sole (bottom) of my feet has this warm prickly feeling, and light burning sensation, almost like fever in my feet. The bottom of my feet also feels tender. I soak my husbands feet in Epsom salt disolved in hot water, then I follow that up with soaking his feet in a mixture of the above, adding Bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar. I started to use this mixture for myself now ktoo. It certainly helps for my husbands bad foot odour, luckily I don't have the smelly feet problem as well. He says since I started the soaking of his feet, it feels better. He has this infection now for a couple of months and tried different feet ointments from the doctor to no avail. Its only the past 2 days I realized my feet are now infected too. What can this be, and how can I treat it with success?
It sounds like you need a dermatologist. There are oral meds for persistent fungal infections (assuming that's what this is) and you both may need a round. The good thing is that in my experience it works.

You have my great sympathy. My father had a nasty foot fungus always and when he was on prednisone it got out of control. We all caught it and I think everyone in the family eventually was treated with oral meds and we all seem to get fungal infections more easily than we should. My brother has had to do oral treatments for fungus on his fingers and I've had a couple of really sore fungal infections under my bra. I've also had fungus on my scalp. Fortunately I've only had one round of oral meds and otherwise lotions/ointments have treated things.

Good luck to both of you

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