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[QUOTE=tonyb24;5405984]Given your past experience with this type of injury, is a full recovery of function and mobility possible?
Will I walk, run or even ski the same, ever? Even if it is in 2-3 years? [/QUOTE]

It's possible but honestly unlikely. With the force of the talus being driven in the calcaneus you are guaranteed to experience a significant amount of cartilage damage. You are very likely to develop arthritis in the subtalar joint. Probably pretty soon after you start walking in the right foot but even the left is likely to be affected after a number of years. This will make walking painful at first but nearly impossible as time goes on. At that point you can have a subtalar fusion which makes the joint immobile and takes away the pain at the expense of foot motion. You will then be comfortable for a while and might even be able to return to all those activities. However, the motion that was present in your subtalar joint will be transferred to your ankle joint which is not made for that. Over many years (~20) you will get arthritis in the ankle as well and at some point it will have to be fused (leaving you essentially with a peg leg) or replaced (basically only allowing you to walk).

Sorry to be a downer but with an injury as you describe this is more likely than not what will happen. The less strain you put on your feet though the longer you can delay the process of arthritis. Hopefully you get lucky though and are part of the small number of people who recover splendidly! Good luck!

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