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Next time try Frye's Leap on Sebago Lake in Maine. You can get up to a 40' clear shot to the water. For now, you don't get to do normal physical activities. Do make the most of any social activities possible. Have friends over for bowling. Use paper cups and a tennis ball. Board games are good, Twister is out. You do get to 'work' and your 'job' is recovery. I'm not exaggerating. As Mike demonstrated - work on recovery full time. On the subject of work, there are two large pitfalls in returning too early. One is that this is a long recovery and you (note caps here) DO NOT want to trade off what you have to do at work for what you should be doing for recovery. The other is that (caps again) NO ONE who has not broken their heel will have a clue what the recovery entails. They have had or seen a common broken leg. This is nothing like that and nothing like they can imagine or understand.
First off on ROM is you do nothing without the doc's OK. The simplest is to take hold of your foot and put it through the motions. The second is rubber bands made for PT to provide resistance. Many do writing the alphabet with their toes and picking up towels with their feet. Since you are not putting normal demands on your body, especially your legs, do any work out that tires you out and work your legs until they ache.
My favorite position was leg on back of couch because it gave the elevation and took stress off the tendons. Try laying on the floor and legs on couch, be creative. A lot of nasty things go on the first few months, including swelling increased pain with use and nerves. Keep the doc up to date and if any nerve damage is proposed by this doc then get to one who is expert - a neurologist. My first forays into putting my foot down were: 5 seconds and up, five seconds and up, five seconds and cry that last 3. See, your already ahead by minutes !

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