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Dear Trm77,

Please let me know what he finds out.

I have had a severely broken ankle as well as other bone breaks from accidents. I truly do empathize with your husband, but let me be blunt. He is not suffering enough to take care of himself. Even if he has to stand and walk for work, to heal, he HAS to stabilize the break!

He must get a grip, and as his wife, I urge you to get tough with him and not help him while he makes the choice he has been making. Toughing it out is idiotic, not manly. No amount or type of surgery can solve this. I had a rod inserted into a femur and was told I could stand and walk, which I was able to do, but let me say, I did not avoid carrying things like my child and laundry, as I had been told. That break fused but the stress of weight on it caused osteomyelitis, a very serious infection inside the bone and the bone began dying. Breaks are nothing to fool around about.

Bone will not fuse if there is the slightest movement. In fact the more surgeries he has the less likely it will heal. He can cause this to fail to ever heal. Amputation is NOT preferable to using a brace for a period of time. In fact there are braces he can find online that are virtually undetectable by on-lookers. There is no excuse for not using a brace.

He MUST use a brace or get a cast! He must give up his pride or whatever stops him from choosing to take care of himself properly. I don't use pain pills either, but I do what works to allow my breaks to heal, so that I am still ambulatory in spite of the injuries I have endured over the years (too long of a story).

BTW, there are desk jobs in his field of work, too. But, even with a desk job, he needs to be able to get around.

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I hope it helps you and your husband. Please give an update.


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