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Hi! I am new here and excited to finally meet some others who may have gone through what I have or what I am facing.

A little background: In 2015, I was in a major car accident that left both of my arms crushed, including compound fractures, a broken subtalar, and my calcaneus looking much like gravel, requiring several operations. Everything has seemed to heal well, with little to no issue, outside of my right foot - which brings me here.

I had surgery on my right calcaneus/subtalar about 2 weeks after the accident. It was so badly damaged that it was repaired with cadaver bone and tissue, 3 metal plates, and many screws. After months of healing and PT, I was able to walk again and in many ways, I was my old self. Arthritis plagued me during cold and rain, but this was to be expected considering my injuries.

Fast forward to March 2017. While at work, someone sprayed air freshener in the bathroom where there are old school (aka slick) tiles. Needless to say, I walk in and go flying...breaking off a piece of bone in the process. I had surgery July 5 to remove the bone fragments, clear our scar tissue, and remove 2 bone spurs. (This was a Workmanís Comp claim and that is why it took several months - and the hiring of an attorney - to get the surgery done). Since that surgery, Iíve had 10 weeks of PT and almost zero improvement in pain and mobility. I have very little range of motion in my subtalar and a tremendous amount of pain (and swelling with any significant amount of walking/standing). So, now, Iím facing a subtalar fusion on 11/29, as Iím told this is the only hope that I have for relief.

I fully, 100% trust my surgeon. Sheís been there since day one, has done all of my foot surgeries, and is incredibly sympathetic to what all I have gone through. Therefore, this post isnít seeking an alternative to the surgery, but more advice on post op, etc.

As I will be having the original hardware removed at the time of the fusion, the surgery is expected to last approximately 3+ hours and my incision will be in the same spot as my original surgery (about 6-8 inches and running along the side of my foot and up behind my ankle in an backwards L shape).

If youíve read this far, thank you. I know this is long and I appreciate anyone who took the time. I would really love to hear about the experiences of others who have had this surgery.

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