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i had a "distal fibula fracture" or also known as a "broken ankle". I broke it november 24th and have had a cast on since december 1st. its december 12th now and i know im not suppose to put pressure on my ankle... but its tempting. Whenver i do this my ankle doesnt hurt but my knee hurts. I really don't know why but its a sudden sharp pain in my knee. Anyone know some solutions?

Please follow your doctors instructions. Bearing weight too early can disrupt the healing process and cause long term problems, and trust me you do not want that.

After my ankle fracture I had some knee pain, both when I was in a walking a cast and when I first got out of it. When you don't use a limb for awhile, the muscles atrophy and they can hurt whe you begin to use them again. If you continue to have pain you will have to fess up to your doctor about early weight bearing and tell him about the knee pain.

Good luck with your recovery
Hi Sharon,

Always follow your doctor's instructions to the letter. Do not walk on the foot one day before you are advised to! Unauthorized weight bearing is the most common cause of post surgical failures.

1 more thing... my cast will be on for 6 weeks(until jan 12th), how long will my walking cast be on for?? lacrosse tryouts start mid february, u think i'll make it?

wish me luck
errr... yea how long does one usually walk in a "walking cast"?

Not sure about how long you'll be in the walking cast. Every type of surgery is different but I would guess it will probably be about as long as you were non-weight bearing.

i never got surgery
Hi I fractured my left distal fibula , I did not have surgey because it was a break that stayed in place I had a cast for ten days , and then a walking cast was put on , it's been three weeks , the doctor told me to start putting weight on it , and walk a little with the walking cast on , I will be going back in on the 24 for another x-ray by that time he only wants me walking with one cast , do you think it's ok to start walking so soon?
Well, minor breaks do heal to the point you can carefully start to use the limb again in about a month. For some breaks, they let you walk in a cast even sooner. Especially if you are a kid, but I'm guessing you're not.

Putting weight on it actually promotes bone density, once it's healed most of the way, and will start reversing your muscle loss.

Take a few steps with your crutches, just touching the walking cast to the ground. If it hurts a lot, don't do it anymore and call your doc. It will feel a little "funny". It will probably swell more as you start weight-bearing again, so ice and elevate after your practice sessions. When you're comfortable touching it to the ground, put a little more weight on it. You could even use a bathroom scale to find out what putting 10 pounds or 25 or 50 pounds of your weight on it feels like. Back off if you feel pain. So he wants you on one crutch by next Thursday? Maybe you'll progress that fast, maybe you won't. Just do it at your own pace, but do try it.
Hi Jane , thank you for getting back to me so fast, the x-ray they took the other day showed the bone was not healed yet , I did start to walk a little on it but it burns so much , the doctor wants me to take the walking cast off and do some streching with my foot
May 2007 I broke my fibula down near the ankle and I had a steel plate and 7 screws. I also tore a ligament in the same ankle. I can tell you that I was in a cast for 7 weeks and then in a walking boot for another 6 weeks. When I first got the walking boot, I still walked with crutches for 2-3 weeks. You can really tell how you are doing by walking differently with the crutches. If you can, instead of lifting your broken leg, take normal steps just using the crutches as secondary support. I did this for a while then I moved to one crutch and then none.

I know our injuries our different - so I hoped I helped a little.

I have been looking for posts on here talking about getting the steel plate and screws removed. My doctor says I can get them removed now if I want to. He also said I can leave it there. I was wondering if anyone had gotten theirs removed or heard of someone who did - I was hoping to find out if it helped.

Hello to all. I am new to this site but wanted to say to Barbara I fell in my parking lot on snow and broke my fibular bone in 3 places and my ankle and tore 2 ligaments as well.:( This all happened March 5,2008 and had the surgery March 6,2008. I have been on crutches, of course nonweight bearing and have 6 screws and a plate also put in my leg. I was supposed to have surgery on May 12th, but the bone wasnt healed, and then again on May 28.
Unfortunately, the bones are still not healed.:( Now my doctor is prescribing a Bone Growth Stimulator that I need to wear at night. I am a smoker,so that is a big factor in the bone not healing. I have been on crutches for 3 months now and may have to be on them for alot longer time. He hasn't discussed yet on whether the screws and plate are gonna be removed until we see what is the outcome of the Bone Growth Stimulator. I am taking a multivitamin along with calcium pills as well. The pain is still there and sometimes unbearable. :mad: Thank goodness for pain pills. I can see that this is gonna be a long process and I can't wait until it is all over.:jester:

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