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[QUOTE=DoggieMom]For everyone who has had any kind of foot surgery, how long did you take off work? I'm especially interested to hear about people who have non-desk jobs. I'm trying to decide when to tell my school where I teach when I will be back....[/QUOTE]

It really depends on what type. I just had foot surgery Nov 14 for a broken foot. The navicular bone (main bone in the arch) was broken since last Feb but I didn't know till June that it was broken after much pain and then some swelling. My foot doctor also said my bone was larger than normal (10% of the population has this problem) so that contributed to it>they had to cut out the broken piece and shorten the navicular bone to where it should have been and reattach the tendon to the navicular. It was extremely painful and I had to be completely off my feet for 3.5 weeks (no weight bearing on that foot whatsoever. So I was useless. I had to walk on crutches and on only one leg for those first 3.5 weeks to just barely go to the restroom and to the chair and bed. It was the pits and very difficult to do. Everyone had to wait on me and do the most mundane things for awhile. I was on major painkillers and I still take a lower dose med today for pain.

I was out from work for 4 weeks but was only back to work part time and worked from home before the holidays. I just started driving about 4 weeks after surgery and was still on crutches till about 2 weeks ago. The thing is the doctors don't want you driving if you're on lots of pain meds. I have been in a boot cast since the 4th week after surgery and am just starting to walk with shoes and orthotics two days ago but that is only for a few hrs a day. So 4-6 weeks is not unusual to be out for foot surgery.
My sister in law had surgery for bone spurs on her small toes and was out I believe 6-7 weeks each for both feet (they don't do both at once usually).
I also found out that I have a bone spur on my good foot's big toe which I will have to deal with later on this year (another surgery). I have had pain in the toe for some time now but it got worse after this ordeal since there was alot of stress on this good foot to compensate for the bad foot. But I plan on going skiing end of March if all goes well. I just have to slowly start some exercising and get back in shape.
Foot surgery sucks. You really find out how much you depend on your feet. There are days I want a total foot transplant!
Best wishes to you and hope it goes well.


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