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[QUOTE=carolcrone]Just a question about what a toe fusion is. Does this have to be done when bunion surgery fails or is it a type of bunion surgery? Does this mean the big toe joint can't move anymore & how does one walk or run when the joint doesn't move? I know you will be glad to be painfree at any rate.[/QUOTE]

I done a lot of research into toe fusion before my surgery and from what i saw it is usually done to patients with arthritis to eleviate pain. it is not a type of bunion surgery and is only used as a salvage surgery if a tendon transfer or further bunion surgery can not be performed. In my case my bunion surgery was done wrongly and my big toe was moving away from the rest of my toes, usuallt they would transfer tendons to pull the toe back over, but my i had lost all movement in the joint so no tendon would be strong enough to oull the toe across. Therefore my only option was to fuse the joint to make the big toe straight and elevate the pain that i had in my joints and muscles of my big toe.

I now have no movement in the big toe joint (the one that joins to the foot). I have movement in the tip of the big toe. With regards to walking i have been told that i will be able to walk but may have a limp (due to the restricted movement) i have been told i probably wont be able to run, but i have seen through these boards that people with fusions say that they can play sports, so i guess i will have to wait and see whether i can.

I am limited to wearing an inch heel as the joint is fixed, which for me at age 23 means is very restricting but aslong as i have no pain it is just something that i have to accept.

I hope that helps, i'm sure that there are others who know more than me and i'm sure that alot also depends on the individual.

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