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I'm very interested about your neuroma between the first and second toe. I believe I have one there too. Although I have no proof yet there is one there, but can't imagine what else it can be.

After walking for 10 minutes or so, I develope painful burning sensation right between the first and second metatarsal heads, and also between the second and third. I also have a weird feeling in those areas. Is that similar to what you have? I've heard sometimes nueromas don't show up on the MRI's. What does your doctor think it is, if it's not a neuroma? What are your symptoms?


Hi ronnald,
My symptoms are a bit different but I have a very long and complicated history of foot problems and foot surgeries aside from the neuromas. I have been to the OR 6 times for foot surgery and need at least one more foot surgery on my left foot for other problems so if I really do have a neuroma there I would like to have it removed at that time. Having said that, I will tell you what my symptoms are.

I don't feel a "burning pain" between 1st and 2nd metatarsal heads but I feel pain and a popping sensation between those 2 metatarsal heads. It feels like something is popping around inside sometimes when I walk. I also have had pain in my 2nd toe for almost 2 years now. It comes and goes but is pretty bad at times. I did experience the burning pain (severe) with my other neuromas and that went away after those surgeries. It was generalized in the ball of my foot, probably because I had two in adjacent intermetatarsal spaces that were symtomatic at the same time and I couldn't pinpoint the pain.

Last time I went to my podiatrist he did the "sqeeze test" and elicited the same response from that area as with the others which was a sudden sharp shooting pain into my toes - very bad pain. He had previously told me that neuromas don't always show up on an MRI and my MRI didn't indicate one but I probably have a lot of scar tissue about the area. My new doctor (an orthopedic foot and ankle specialist) examined it but in a different manner and didn't think I had a neuroma there. She ordered the MRI at my request and still no neuroma. She said the pain could be from nerve irritation from other problems going on in that area that need fixing.

I trust my new doctor (the ortho) but I am thinking about getting another opinion from another podiatrist (about the possible neuroma issue) before I head to the OR again. I think my previous podiatrist did a good job with my other neuromas but he sure screwed up my bones with the bunion and hammertoe surgeries he performed and my ortho is working on fixing those for me. I had extensive surgery on my right foot about 4 months ago. I have no proof either that I have another neuroma - just the negative results of an expensive sophisticated test and a diagnosis from a podiatrist who royally messed up some of my foot bones but seemed to do a good job (so far) on removing my neuromas. I don't know if that helps you any but that is a small part of my long story. Are you going to see a podiatrist for an examination soon or have you already done so?

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