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I would suggest you get a bunion splint to wear daily holding the big toe in alignment. The scar tissue that has formed around the big toe joint is still "remodeling" and if you splint the toe straight, it may remodel in a position that you find more acceptable.

Carolcrone is correct when she says that

"My x-ray shows that the bone on the tip of my big toe is slightly curved & that is what causes the bend. Not to worry, according to the doc; many people have that curve & it has nothing to do with bunions"

Unfortunately with bunions, perfectly straight is not the position that surgeons try to achieve, as it is less functional than slightly angled towards the smaller toes.

As far as immediate weight bearing is concerned- for a chevron type of procedure, that is the standard of care. Some surgeons have people use crutches simply for comfort the first 1-2 weeks, but immediate weight bearing is the standard.

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