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well the way i see it is it the toe needs to come off, no use cryin bout it cause it needs to be done. the third toe wont be so bad because it doesnt really hold any importance for balance. my balance is thrown off a bit like i cant lean forward really far or if someone pushes me from behind and i stick my left foot out ill fall on my head. the only part youre really screwed without is the ball of your foot. and i mean your in trouble if it goes down there! thats all you really need for balance. you might (if you have to ampuate lets hope not though) notice your other toes doing funny thing like on my foot with no big toe my little toe had turned all the way sidways to compensate for no toe on the other side, man i hate wearing sandals lol.

but really, if they cant do anything for it then its better to just get it done and move on with your life, oh and another thing when i was in the hospital for the last time they kept telling me too look at it before i left. really dont do it it you dont want to, i waited about 5 days after my surgery to look at it. take your time it might scar you more if they force you before you are ready.

it took me a while to walk again becuase i had been sick for so long i lost about 65% of the muscle mass in my left leg so it was like a little stick so it really wouoldnt hold me up anyway lol. when i first lost the toe i walked 3 days after, very slow and VERY PAINFULLY but it was worth it cause i got to have a shower lol. i had a walker(grama style) for a while but it was too clunky and slow so i went for the crutches. the way i worked it for myself was id kinda limp on it and put most weight on my other foot. then id give myself rewards if i walked (limped) as far as my goal was. another thing that sucked was my foot was elevated for so long to put it down HURT SO BAD id almost pass out, cause i mean it hurt anyway but when the blood got pumpin down there god, it was horrible. so id do the same thing in the shower though, id put the foot down and count to 100(we have a shower seat) and then if i could do it id put it up for 200 and so on and so on. id recommend if you have a red cross or some sort of medical equipment lending place to ask for a toilet handle set. it kinda clips on your toilet back and gives you handle bars so you dont fall on the ground with your pants off lol. it really really helped me to get things done when my mom and dad weren't around.

anyway if you have anymore questions about anything feel free to ask and i hope all goes well for you


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