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you seem to have the gumption and good sense to make an excellent recovery. other than excellent initial care with surgery, if indicated, those 2 qualities -- and the internet and your family support --will get you through just fine.

i'd ask the dr. if he did a subtalar fusion. that's important.

i fell 7 feet, crushed bottom area of heel and blew out a lateral facet just under my outer ankle. it was a relatively small displacement, probably a borderline surgery candidate. (this is still a very murky question in orthopedic surgery, from what i've gathered.) but i may need surgery in a year or so to relieve peroneal tendon impingement (under outer ankle) due to slight heel displacement, resulting in widened hindfoot and slight collapse of lateral calcaneal height.

i was first on my feet at about 5-1/2 weeks -- too soon. then back on crutches for another 2 months. it's been a steady improvement for the past month, the bones have pretty much healed and the crushed area is almost fine -- i'm wearing those reflexology sandals with the dozens of plastic points in the soles right now! -- and i expect to keep improving steadily for the next several months, at least. but i just don't know what the final outcome will be.

useful stuff for my recovery so far:
orthotics!!! and good track shoes! investigate on net, experiment custom (i'm about to order a custom orthotic), seems good for non-custom/custom orthotic, gel soles, etc. very, very important to get on top of the orthotics! (tchair helped understand importance of this.)

weight loss! i was also about 170, now down to 152, and hope to get down to 140. not kidding. go for bottom of your bmi (130!) big, big weight off your feet translates into a quicker, better recovery.

juicing (excellent acme juicers on ebay) -- carrot, green vegetables; add a thumb-sized piece of ginger, which is supposed to fight inflammation and arthritis.

ask doc about an [B]air cast[/B] -- i didn't use, but have heard good things about aiding rehab. of walking muscles

hatha yoga (gentle stretching), including gentle swinging back and forth to loosen up my back -- several 5 minute sessions a day. piece of cake. but very helpful.

i include in my exercise frequent exercise regimen setting 'down' that bad heel (full dorsiflexion of ankle) as soon as doctor will allow, with regular, targeted ankle flexing. this seems to be crucial to recovering your walking chops........... but i know you'll be having trouble with even gentle deep knee bends for a while.

very tough recovering the 'spring' in my step. don't know where this will go........

from everything i've read, it takes a full year to fully assess the 'residual disability' from a heel fracture, and it differs radically for each person. but you can probably do a lot to minimize long-term effects with an pro-active recovery program. that's just my unofficial, non-professional -- and very personal -- take on this banana peel we've all slipped on.

i have been improving steadily, if not by leaps and bounds. and i just don't know where i'll be in a year from now. my outlook keeps changing. but i'm more optimistic than i was a few months ago.

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