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Hello All!
Wow, this group is growing! Welcome to the new folks! Sorry you are here ;) .

Barnum, was your wound caused by the fracture or some other cause? I also had a wound, that was problematic. Mine was caused by the fracture, and was not managed right by the ER doc at the first hospital. (no lawsuit, lol..bad karma) I was put into a cast with no access to the wound. When I started with chills and fever and went to the trauma center where my daughter was, they were quite concerned and said the tissue was all necrosing and that I could lose my foot. I had 2 more surgeries to debride the dead skin and bone fragments and had pins placed. When I was discharged, I had IV therapy at home for 6 weeks and something called a wound vac, which was the most remarkable thing. The wound, which was aprox. 2 inches on one side that was sutured, then a hole large enough to put a golf ball in and then another 2 inches long on the other side and that was also sutured. Into the hole they placed a sponge and on top of that a suction that pumped out all the fluids, they completely wrapped my foot in Tegaderm, which is just sticky medical plastic wrap. This contraption sucked out any fluids and encouraged tissue growth.
It took about 4 weeks to get rid of the vac. and then I used a product called AquaCell, which saved me from having a skin graft to close the wound completely. (Thanks to the wisdom of my friendly VNA nurse who recommended it). Wounds and infection make it harder to heal it and it is a given that it lengthens recovery time. I have had 3 ortho doctors involved in my care because I was traveling when the accident occurred. 2 of the 3 pretty much have told me I would most likely never be able to return to my job as a Medical Assistant, the job requires too much mobility and too many long hours on the feet. The doc I have now in Boston says we will just have to wait and see. :rolleyes: who knows. But if you have any doubt about the attitude of your doc, get a second opinion!!! It's Your recovery!

I forget who it was, Tchair-maybe? that said that he was walking at 5 weeks and then had issues. Can you tell me more about that because I am finding that after having been hobbling around, in boot, sans crutches, I am having increased pain. I have reverted back to the crutches over the weekend and I am bummed big time.
I am not scheduled to see the doc again until the end of november and I wonder if I should see him sooner, or if this is normal.


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