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Possible Lisfranc?
Aug 13, 2004
9 weeks ago I rolled over the front of my right foot when I landed on my opponent's foot after throwing a kick while karate training. There was a snapping sound and it felt like my foot was broken in half in the middle and twisted. It swelled right up and and bruised immediately.

I was on crutches for 4 weeks with foot hugely swollen, and have gradually been able to put more weight on it. Gone through various stages of pain in different areas. Pretty well every part of my foot (and ankle) has felt some kind of pain since injury.

I have so far seen 6 doctors and had 2 sets of X-rays. X-rays were negative both times, and although one doc was suspicious of possible lisfranc, all others said sprain. Still walk with a cane when I go any distance and had to buy new sneakers with firmer, thicker soles because stepping on soft or uneven surface on my idfoot or forefoot hurts and feels unstable. I cannot raise up on the ball of my foot. When I try, absolutely nothing happens.

I have pain when I try to put weight on the front of my foot (not as bad as before, but still there). Some ankle pain as well. If I set my foot on ground the foot feels twisted to the outside. If I try to flatten so inner part of foot on ground, outer part of foot seems twisted upward a bit. Only big toe really touches ground, other toes stick out off ground, worse later in day when more swollen.

Referred to orthopedic specialist - no sports or foot specialists here - and waiting for call. Starting physio next week.

Am I on the right track thinking this is Lisfranc injury? I thought this since day one when I started researching because I flt it was more than a typical sprain.

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