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Re: Screw removal
Mar 9, 2005
Hi Gypsy,

I think most of the people here had pins and not screws, but I could be any rate I would like to know about this too, because I would like to have my screw removed when I am allowed to because it skeeves me out. My doctor said it was a local anesthetic and a simple incision and I can walk afterward. Nothing like the bunion surgery. But I'd like to hear from someone who's had the experience.

Re: Screw removal
Mar 16, 2005
Thank you for the info.I remember chatting with you before about our previous surgeries.I have had way too many surgeries since then.I had my original bunion surgery in Nov of 03.Then had the hardware removed in Feb 04.On May 04 I had a second Dr. try and fix a complication from the first bunion surgery.They did somethin?(i forget) but he put a pin in to hold the big toe down and that did not work so then I just had surgery again on Jan 7th.With this surgery I had 2 very good Dr's and they removed my sesamoid bone, realigned my toe(redid bunion)lengthened a tendon and fused my toe joint.Soooo needless to say my toe is somewhat shorter also.After all of this crap my foot is worse than it was before and I'm scheduled to see another DR. on the 21st.Unfortunately I have to have the other joint fused.I also am thinking I will probably need a hammertoe fixed, that I have since developed from this latest surgery.Do you think they will suggest a graft?Sorry for rambling.......Thank you,
Sue :angel:
Re: Screw removal
Nov 7, 2006
I went to my podiatrist today and we are scheduling surgery for December to remove the screws. My foot still hurts a lot and it hurts a lot to bend my toe. My question to anyone who has had the screws removed from bunion surgery is how long did your foot hurt? Did you walk on it right away and have a walking shoe?
Re: Screw removal
Nov 8, 2006
Mine felt better once I had that screw out because the screw was really hurting me and I could not bend my toe or stand on my tip toe and this was a year after Bunion surgery. I had to wear the walking shoe for a week and use crutches but I was able to stay home so I did not do much. Then I wore an athletic shoe and then it seemed like my big toe was a little tender but not unbearble pain. I was able to walk on it after a couple of weeks in the athletic shoe. I had some swelling but I also had some built up scar tissue removed from on top of my foot. If you only have the screws removed and no other problems you probrably will not have the swelling like I had. I use Mederma to heal the scar tissue on the outside. I am a real baby when it comes to pain so it was not bad to me. I hope yours goes as well or better!!;)
Re: Screw removal
Jun 25, 2007
I am about to have all the hardware removed on one bunion. I've done very well (walked all over Europe), but the head of a screw is broken off and I'm starting to get some discomfort with it.

My question: How is the ankle block? That's what they want to give me for the surgery (and then sedation for my brain!). I've looked into the block, and it looks nasty. Even the websites say it is "uncomfortable", which usually means it will hurt like hell. They say they will give me versed, but all that does is make you forget the pain--and I don't like that concept at all.

Anyone been through this? Comments? Thanks.
Re: Screw removal
Jun 26, 2007
I had external fixation pins for bunion surgery. Six rather large screws sticking out of my foot. I also, had internal pins in toe two and three.
I told the surgeon to remove the pins in toe two and three at the same time that he was removing the external fix pins. So, I had all of this stuff removed 6 weeks post op.
The anesthesiologist told me that it was at times alot more complicated surgery to remove internal pins that had been in for awhile. It was a good thing that I had them removed early.
I had an ankle block and IV sedation. The ankle block was painful when it wore off. However, I was completely under (IV sedation). Therefore, I was not aware of anything because I was put under before the ankle block took place.
Just tell them that you want to be completely out before anything is done.
I went through this twice and was never awake for any of it.

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