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First let me say, I know everyone's first response will be to go to the doctor, but since I don't have health insurance it will cost me a lot of money to have to go to the doctor who will probably refer me to a specialist just to find out something that may be not such a big deal. This is regarding my 9 year old son. He came to me before asking for a "needle" and when I asked why he told me he had "dirt stuck in his foot" that he wanted to get out. Naturally, I didn;t give him a needle but I inspected the "dirt spot" which was NOT there on Friday (3 days ago) when I clipped his toenails, so as far as I know it appeared today. I first thought it was a blister, however it is not "raised" and when I researched blisters online I could not find any info on a "black blister". It just looks like a spot of skin filled with a dark liquid, to me it looks like maybe it is blood, however it is very dark (basically BLACK). It does not hurt him and he doesn't know how he got it, he thinks it's "dirt". He does not go outside barefoot but he was runnning around outside today(with sneakers, which are about 2 months old and fit him well) with his friends before he noticed it. It's really more of an "annoyance" to him than anything since it's not hurting him but he wants to get rid of it. I started looking for info online and when I checke don him I found him with my tweezers picking at it, which I made him stop doing and wash his hands, since accordingt o what I found online, it could possibly be a wart which could spread. I'm just very confused since I found a lot of info on line but nothing which pertains exactly to what this looks like, and I couldn't find any photos that looked like this either. The only thing I have seen like this before is on my boyfriend's hands a few times, sicne he does construction/masonry work and he has had marks like this on his hands which we always thought were blisters filled with blood and he always pierced them and cleaned them out. Like I said, it is not raised, which is what confuses me since I believ most blisters and warts are raised fluid filled sacs. It's rough in texture though, it feels like a hard piece of skin (liek a callus sort of) except it is black. Since it's not bothering him, I told him to leave it alone and it will go away on it's own, I also let him soak it in a pot of warm water (just to make him happy, I don't believe this will benefit it at all but since he remembers in the past when he had an ingrown toenail, he soaked it in warm salt water, he wanted to do so now as well). Anyhow, anyone who has any info or knows what this is, please let me know. Please let me know if it is serious and I should bring him to the doctor or if I should leave it alone as long as it doesn't get worse or cause pain(if that were the case I would definitely bring him to the doctor). I just don't want to have to spend money unecessarily and cause him to miss school for appointments ona ccount of something which is not serious. I would just like to know if anyone has any advice, since I would like to know if there is anyhting I should be doing for his condition. :wave:

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