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Thanks so much for taking the time to write back. It is always good to just have a sense of how it could be. I'm not expecting to compare myself and my condition with anyone completely. I've just never had anything like this happen to me.

I am on week five post-op and still have not returned to work. I won't be back to work until at least week six or seven and even then I am going to ask to be part-time and to ease my way back in. I find that even just straightening up the house or folding laundry exhausts me. This is something I never expected as I am usually a ball of energy. I truly don't know how you went back so quickly. It must have been very rough.

My doctor is really good. He said most ER's see about one or two calcaneous fractures a year and he, because foot and ankles are his specialty, sees about 150 a year. The week I did this he had eight other such surgeries. I feel I am in good hands. He won't let me put any weight on it for at least 12 weeks but I do have a lot of PT each day.

As for help. I, too, am lucky. My family is great. My mom lives with us and came back from vacation early to help. My husband's great too. Friends brought meals and even helped clean the house for me which was especially nice since all I can do is stare at the dust mice and cobwebs!

I agree that this is making me a more appreciative person of people with more serious disabilities. I never really understood how difficult it is for people who have to cope with this on a daily, or life long basis. Finally, I understand the American Disabilities Act and it's necessity.

Thanks again for the reply.


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