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It actually sounds like your pod is giving you some thorough information, which is a great start. I had both feet done this year: the left (more severe one) in January, and the right one in May and I'm completely up and about and have been for a couple months now. You should really allow yourself three months, and that's including some PT, depending on how long your doctor has you non-weightbearing. With my first foot, I had a base wedge bunionectomy, with a total of three cuts (breaks), since he also straightened my toe.

The second foot was a different procedure, called a "Scarf Bunionectomy" - they don't actually take a pie-shaped wedge out of the bone, but they make an "s"-shaped cut and re-position the bone. It's a much faster healing time, but if your bunions are at all severe, it's not recommended.

The important thing is to be prepared with helpers and strategies for everything. If you're on crutches, figure out how to deal w/the bathroom & shower while non-weightbearing. Figure out stairs (up w/the good foot, down w/the bad), etc. and do all of this BEFORE you can't put your foot on the floor.

If you teach dance, I'm assuming you're in pretty good shape, but even so, get yourself as strong as possible before the surgery, and do everything your doctor says. If you have a 3-year old, go for the cast instead of the wire-bracket thing. You need your foot protected. The biggest mistake you can make, and plenty of people on these boards have made it, is to try and walk or do too much too soon. It takes 6-8 weeks for bone to heal no matter what you have done to it, meaning breaking it by accident or having the doctor break it for you.

Physical therapy is crucial, and once you're out of the cast, there are ankle exercises you can start doing immediately.

Good luck with whatever you decide. I love my new feet and am so happy I did it!!

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