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Hi there. I have a mild form of Cerebral Palsy that caused me to walk on my toes for many years. As a result, I developed very severe bunions on both sides of the foot (the pressure from walking on my toes spread the bones out).

My procedure was a little more than the normal persons, where they had to give me local freezing (that was horrible... about 13 needles in the foot) and then they cut a small incision on the top of my foot along the big toe and another small incision on the top where the pinky toe is.

From there they cut my big toe in 3 spots, then pinned it into place, then shaved the excess bone off the side. They cut my little toe in 2 spots but because of the small size, they could not pin it or it could risk splitting.

After the procedure I was a little woozy after standing up but I felt ok. I was sent home bandaged up & was on crutches for a week until the swelling went down enough that I was able to get into an Aircast. After that I was in a walking cast for 8 weeks (went back after a couple weeks to get my stitches removed).

I was back to work once I got the cast on (a week after my surgery) and I was even driving my standard vehicle with it!

The worst part is the freezing coming out and the first couple of days... it was very painful & because the blood pools to your feet, it makes it even worse.

Hope this helps you understand some of the procedure... like I said, I was a severe case....

Good luck!

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