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Hello, everyone! Wow! It has been a busy day!
Jules, Deb, anyone who wants slippers for around the house: Expensive, and medical grade are even more so, but the best comfort and protection from shearing (Contributing to bedsores, not uncommon for folks in our positions) is sheepskin. Check a medical supply house, or look online.
Outdoor shoes, I'm not sure if my trick would work for you, we have different mobility issues. I bought Athletic Works Betty ll's at Walmart. They were under $20, and I needed 2 pair, one my regular 8, and a 9.5 W, to get them on. Velcro closures made them easier than lace-ups. They are not great support, despite the name, in fact, with my exaggerated gait, I bent them out of shape in no time. But I got shoes on that I could work in, so its a thought for anyone needing temporary covering.
Deb, and Rina, yes, I'll bet dollars to donuts you can thank increased activity and decreased RICE for your swelling and pain. I don't know how comfortable you can get in your office, Deb, but get them as high as you can. Can you get some coban or some ace wraps? And if you have a freezer at work, take some ice, too. You're getting better, but remember what you went through, baby them for a while. And thank God you're not on your feet!
Kath, I'm so glad your son did well, and your hubby is coming home. This week will be a good one! Way to go, driving yourself on an electric model!!! It had to feel so good! Oh, sorry. I didn't say radiographs. He had her take the pics again, flexing my foot to simulate weight bearing to see if it would still be loose. It was loose, but better than the original shot. I don't know, can't do anything now anyway, so will wait. Maybe continued NWB will tighten them, he seems to think that is why my pf pain, maybe walking semi normally will do it, time will tell. He anticipates pwb for about 2 weeks, then increasing over 3 to 4. I financially and mentally NEED to be back at work, did not plan on being out so long, am thinking about asking my boss if he will let me come in my wc and do prep, stocking, cleaning, anything I can do from the chair. Might be able to figure a way to reach the sinks, then I could get more hours doing dishes. I know he is afraid of suits, but he might let me. Then I could ask Doc. But I will deal with it either way, I really don't want to set myself up for a long line of surgeries, so I need to take good care of this one.
And, yes, the shedding is because we are missing the daily exfoliation, really missing it! I almost cried when that kind tech brought me a basin of water and left me to wash up, 5 glorious minutes!!! It felt so good. Soon I will be able to do it daily, Lord willing. Amazing how many things we take for granted, isn't it?
Goodnight, my buddies. Sleep with the angels tonight, I'll read tomorrow that Kath slept all through! Kim

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