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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Good to hear everyone’s updates! Deb, when you showered for the first time, was that also the first time you were standing on your bare feet without the surgical shoes? Was it difficult or painful? Jules, are you okay going barefoot long enough for showering? I’m anticipating my first shower— just two more days… I was just thinking today that I’d like to shave my legs, but cannot imagine trying to balance on one foot to do it the way I usually do. Rina, if you can’t find anything else to wear for graduation, a pair of plain all-black tennis shoes might be fairly inconspicuous if you’re wearing a black gown. Memory foam does sound like it would feel great under the sore feet. I have had to buy only good (expensive) shoes for years because of my foot pain and size problems. (I have very narrow heels—like AAAAA—but the front of my foot was much wider due to the bad bunions.) Also the shoes had to be made of a very soft material. I have one pair of comfortable flat dress sandals that are very adjustable; wonder if I could wear those in a few weeks? Guess I’ll find out. Mish mish, how do you know when your incision is totally healed—is it obvious? I’d just as soon avoid an EEE experience of my own! Kim, I can’t believe you were doing major house-cleaning. I haven’t done anything yet except to put a few things away and fold laundry. How long have you been away from your job? I finished a nine month editor project job before my surgery and need to find something new ASAP—I don’t know whether to try interview with new clients/employers when I’m still obviously somewhat disabled or just try to wait it out until I appear “normal.” I had hoped to get some freelance work to do from home (that does happen sometimes), but nothing came up until today. I was asked to read & review a book that I know I will not like (subject matter is definitely not my thing), but for money, I will read it! This long recovery period definitely makes it difficult for both jobs (and for parenting young kids—Glad I’m done with that.) There is never a convenient time, is there? It’s great to have my husband home—and we got a surprise guest who arrived at the same time. My son’s fiancé flew in to stay for a week. (Found out two days ago that she was coming now.) Glad to have her, although our home is not exactly company-ready due to the fact that the two of us who do most of the upkeep have been out-of-town or out-of-commission lately. I just have to remind myself that she is family, not company! Hope you all sleep well tonight—I woke up twice last night, but was able to go back to sleep within at least an hour both times. I anticipate that it will be easier to sleep once I’m more active again. Hope so! In the meantime, I just keep a small reading light and book next to the bed—no 2:30 rampages for me! Thanks again for support and prayers— You have mine also.[/FONT][/COLOR]

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