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It sounds like you have an honest surgeon who isn't giving any unrealistic hopes. I think that you need to talk with your surgeon about a very realistic recovery timeline. You should discuss with them your feelings and fears to really decide if this is right for you. Personally, I would choose to do one foot at a time, I can't imagine having both done at once and having to manage alone at home. I see that a lot of people get #2 done a month or so after the first, as soon as they can use #1 to get around. Or you could do what I'm doing, I'm getting #2 done next winter, after #1 is totally better. The big thing is that whatever the doctor says to do to recover, you need to follow to the letter to recover well, no pushing it.

Remember there is never a guarantee with any surgery, and you certainly cannot predict the future. Try not to speculate too much about the things you can't possibly help. It seems your two biggest concerns are general fear regarding the surgery, and being alone for the recovery. The thought of the surgery itself scares us all! To be honest, I was PETRIFIED of the surgery. When you get in the hospital, once the IV is in, they can give you a sedative. After, you should have had a local in your foot which will last about 12 hours (mine felt like a block of wood), so you could get up to your apartment (with help). I was so afraid that the surgeon gave me valium for the day before. I was a wreck! Honestly, it's one of those things I look back at and wonder why I was so scared.

Some people are in a surgical shoe and can walk on week 1, some are in a cast and can't walk for weeks. When you read this forum, please remember that people tend to share the bad more than the good. Most people have an unremarkable, boring recovery. I wouldn't let other people's horror stories scare you, decide for yourself. I'm 6 weeks postop. I have not had much discomfort, I only really had 2 days of actual pain. I think that if you truly KNOW what you're in for, you can be prepared. You probably will not be able to easily leave your apartment until you are off crutches, you're right. All those stairs seem very steep when you look down them using crutches. If you really plan ahead, this can be done. Is there any way you could find someone to at least come check on you, maybe help out once a week or so? Are there visiting nurses, etc. that the doctor could hook you up with? I've been home alone all day since day 1, and have gotten along allright, with my shower chair, walker, etc. It's not so hard, just lonely and boring.

Think the whole thing through, maybe write lists of pros, cons, and what you need to do to plan ahead, and make the most educated decision you can - that's all you can do! Keep us informed, this forum seems to be a great source of support. Kim

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