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Sorry to hear about your upcoming surgery. I didnt have a broken navicular, but I just had my second midfoot fusion with bone graft from my hip. My surgery was originally for arthritis from an injury and ended up in a non-union. I just had the second surgery where my surgeon used the bone graft and more hardware to connect the navicular-cuneiform joint. I think I will be nwb for 7 weeks total and then pwb for another 6-8 weeks in a boot. The entire recovery will probably be 9-12 months.
I wish you luck in your recovery. When is your surgery?
Hi Chris,
I hope I can be helpful in giving you an idea about what to expect. My story is kind of complicated because I have had many surgeries resulting from my original ankle fracture/sprain. I think it was about 5 years ago that I had surgery to correct a flatfoot deformity which involved fusing two joints: talonavicular and calcaneal-cuboid. My surgeon warned me that the recovery would be 9-12 months and that I would lose side to side motion in my foot. I am not sure if you are going to have that issue with loss of motion. I used to be very active and played tennis, figure skated, did aerobics, etc. and I asked my surgeon about my activity level after my fusion. He said that I probably should stick to sports which didnt involve lateral motion and stick to things like biking, swimming, or the elliptical machine.
After the surgery, I limited myself to these more restricted sports as I found it would have been impossible anyway to play sports the way I used to. Unfortunately, last year I was told I had developed arthritis in the navicular cuneiform joint which is next to the talonavicular (which had been fused). So, as I mentioned in my last post, I had to have that one fused as well!
Anyway, I really hope your recovery goes smoother. My surgeon told me to expect 6-8 weeks on crutches (and in a cast) and then 6-8 weeks walking in a big air boot. After that, he told me I would do physical therapy and then return to previous levels of activity. With the fusion I had 5 years ago, that is exactly how it happened and after a year, I really had no pain at all and was able to move again. It is definitly a long process but hopefully one which will lead to you having less if no pain. A fusion is kind of a trade-off: do you want motion with pain or no motion without pain? It sounds like you dont have a choice and I wish you the best. Feel free to ask questions anytime!
Hi Diane,
Thanks for your previous reply! How are you? Like you I will probably need a talonavicular or navicular cuneiform joint fusion or both. I have been made aware that I would lose some motion in my foot. I believe they do not know how bad it is inside to decide what type of fusion will be best yet. They will probably make the decision during the surgery. I have made another appointment with my surgeon recently and I will probably get more information about the procedure at that time. We will then decide on a date for the surgery. They wanted me to try some insoles first for a few months, since I will need some after the operation anyway, and check what benefit they could be. The pain is unfortunately still here and my main concern is to know whether I will be able to walk properly after the recovery phase. I like travelling and I just wondered if I coulf just go for long walks or treks, without limping or feeling pain, when the recovery is complete. Did your first operation affected your walking in a way that made it difficult to go on long walks? Hope you are doing well!
Hi, i myself have had a foot fusion done, they fused the navicular to the medial cuneiform. i got this operation done in belfast, Northern Ireland in nov 2005, they took the plate & 4 screws out in may 2006 & i still have not fully recovered. i am only 27 years old male, the reason i got the op done was i am a very keen footballer & i wanted to get the pain i had in my foot away. it doesnt seem to be a very common operation, i find it hard to get information about how to make a full recovery. if you had any information, i would be extremely grateful.

Kind Regards

I'm about 10 months post op from the naviculocuneiform (fusion of the navicular and cuneiform) surgery. While I'm progressing, the healing of it all is slow. I'm 38 yrs old and used to live a very active lifestyle. The more I'm on it, the more it hurts- but doing nothing doesn't heal it either. Yet, compared the the 6 month mark, it is much better. I'm able to walk around, but running/jogging can be challenging -enough to not push it. I'm hoping by 12-13 months it will get better.

How many months out are you and are you continuing to get better (i.e. pain free?).

Have you heard of any that took a year or longer to heal? Diane seems to be getting better after a year (minus the nonunion).

To all those who had a midfoot fusion,
The good news is that I think you can get better even months and months after surgery. I am 9 months post-fusion of my navicular cuneiform and I feel better when walking and exercising than I did even a couple weeks ago. My exercise is limited to the elliptical, swimming, and weights, but that is so much better than before the fusion! I do have some pain from the hardware so I am taking it out in about 3 weeks.
It is a long, long recovery, but things will hopefully get better for everyone!

Hi all, from what I'm seeing here there are different degrees of mid foot fusion. I left a reply to CHRIS1973 about mine then started reading the others. Mine involves the navicular, talonavicular and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cuneiform. I broke it in a fall rock climbing in 82 and it wasn't until Dec. 84 until the Navy decided to fix it. I have tried every kind of pain killer there is including the cortizone shots. None of them have done me any good. I did find out that after your surgery, the pain killers such as percocet and darvocet will keep your foot from healing. Once I quit taking them, I could feel a tingling in my foot where it was healing. Hopefully I am the exception because I have had nothing but trouble with my foot ever since. It's been over 22 years and now I trying to get the VA to do something about it. Like I told Chris, I tired of the pain, being able to predict the weather better than the news, and not being able to work in mine career field. I lost my career in the Navy because of it.

I have heard of joint replacement for the ankle so I'm going to check it out. I know my spelling sucks so hopefully you can understand what I meant.

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