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[COLOR="Teal"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Greetings to my fellow double-bunionectomy survivors from this spring, as well as to all others on this board who suffer with foot problems. I had a double bunionectomy and hammertoe corrections on May 12th, so Iím about 2 & Ĺ months post-surgery. I have not posted for several weeks, partly because there hasnít been much change in the condition of my feet and partly because life has been so busy. The last two weeks were especially intense with a four day extended family getaway (including my husband, children, parents, siblings, their spouses, nieces, & nephews), out-of-town company, a memorial for my best friend who died in February, and a graduation party for my son and two of my friendís children. Also, weíve been in the process of converting my sonís former room to a room for my daughter and her former room into an office/workroom for me. (We live in Chicago. Our son graduated from college in Florida and will be living there for at least the next few years.) Iíve been doing well on my feetóI now easily walk about two miles at a time and am making more progress every week. (Actually I find standing for long periods more difficult than walking, but that was true even before surgery.) My feet are looking greatóthe scars are really not that noticeable, and while Iím sure there is still swelling, itís not discernable. My big toes still curve in a bit, but compared to how they used to look, itís nothing. I am glad not to have to wear gym shoes everywhere anymore and so far the old shoes & sandals Iíve put on have fit. On the whole, Iím really pleased with the results of my surgery and my recovery; the one concern I have is that tops of my big toes are totally numb. If I touch them lightly, I canít feel anything; if I push down, I feel tingling. (Sometimes I feel tingling without anything touching my feet, especially if I wiggle my toes.) I donít remember having the numbness right after the surgery; it seems to have developed in recent weeks. Does it matter??? Part of me thinks that itís a lot better than pain and so who cares? But part of me is a little worried that it means somethingís wrong, like my screws are moving and messing with the nerves or some such thing. I also occasionally feel some pain in the balls of my feet, though less often than I did before the surgery. I have no more appointments set up with my doctor (and no more health insurance), but have thought about calling him to ask about the numbness. Well, enough about me. I have been keeping up with reading this board as much as possible and thinking of and praying for many of you who have posted. Iíve often wondered about those of you who also had bunionectomies this springóIt was so nice to go through it together via our virtual world on this thread. I hope you are all doing really well. Please drop a note if you have time. Kim, I know that you still have a pretty long road ahead of you, but Iíve been happy to read about your progress. Look forward to hearing from you on the first day you are TWB with no casts, boots, or any other devices!!! Also, glad to hear that you are dancing again, Moondancer2![/FONT][/COLOR]

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