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Re: Fusion Buddies
Jun 17, 2006
Thank you so much for your warm welcome! I do have another bunion on my right foot, but because I wasn't allowed to put any weight on the affected one, they couldn't do them both. I am very loose jointed (a nice way of saying flat-footed, yuk) which contributed to the problem. The longest bone under the bunioned joint had to be shifted back and at its base a wedge-like shape was taken out. I know that full recovery could take as long as 6 months, so I am thinking of doing the right one next year. But it doesn't hurt, and I wonder whether I shouldn't just leave well alone. I didn't do the surgery for cosmetic reasons (not that I object to people who do do it for that reason, how well I know how UGLY bunions are!!).

I am glad that your bravery is mixed with some moments of complaints. One of the things I learned during the past almost-4-weeks is how hard it is for me to be immobilized and knocked off my feet even for a limited amount of time. I had periods of pure despair. And I am not even a depressive person. But everything became a project, as you well know: evey small movement had to be calculated and planned.

My arms and abdomen hurt today from yesterday's big adventure (navigating 8 blocks on crutches.)

Thank you for the travel suggestions. I will NOT be using public transportation. I'll get car service to the airport, and someone wiull come with me all the way to the chekc-out counter. Mercifully the flight is only an hour.

My sister will be waiting for me at the airport. The airline switched my seat, so I'll be able to have a bit more room.

I am a little worried about creating a whole new routine at my parents' house. They are elderly and can't help all that much, but I guess I'll manage. (I arranged this trip before I realized how fully compromised I'd be. I guess until you get on crutches you don't realize how hard it really is.)

Anyhow, thanks for your support.


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