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I don't really have a precise answer to your question, but I do have an important comment about my recent experience. I had orthontics make about 14 years ago. At that time I hadn't had any surgerys on my feet, and both feet had bunions on both sides and hammertoes. I went to a specialist who had me walk to see my gait and placed my feet in different things to get a mold. This all took some time but was very thorough. The orthontics when I got them took a bit to get used to but really helped my feet and my hammertoes. A while later I went to a podiatrist and had my right foot operated on by a podiatrist. I had my bunion and tailors bunion and two toes had pins to lengthen the tendons. This was an unsuccessful surgery in my opinion . I lost range of motion in my big toe. My middle toe ended up sideways and never felt right. The natural padding under my big toe and little toe disappeared, leaving me to walk on bones. The foot lost a few bad points but gained even more problems. I always put off having new orthotics made and had put my old ones away in the closet till last year I pulled them out to wear in my cool season tennis shoes and boots. What a relief! I thought that they wouldn't work with the operated foot but they did. I don't want to go into detail about it right now, it's still to painful to discuss and a long story but I had foot surgery again this past November on the same foot that the Podiatrist recommended and performed on two toes. ( I regret ever walking into his office and just wish He would have only assaulted my bank account and not my foot again.) Anyway I asked for new Orthotics to be made that would fit my feet especially the operated foot. When I went for my appointment, I was surprised that a 21 year old women came in and not a doctor, and she wrapped clothes covered in cast material around my feet to harden. I questioned this procedure and was told this is how they are made now. I said this isn't even how my feet look when I am standing on them and told her the bit that I remember from my first and only experience with orthotics. To say the least I knew this was a scam. And when I finally received them they were. I am returning them and will try to get a refund for my insurance company too. I will have my personal physician give me an RX and go to where professionals make them. Don't have a Podiatrist office make them even if you think they treat feet.

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