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Hi Kim...When I had the previous surgery this joint was not bothering me. But after I did PT and started to walk properly with my foot flat, I realized how painful that joint became. Weird thing is I have walked on the side of my foot for so long that it was normal for me. The arthritis and joint space narrowing etc was there but since I walked funny, it wasn't causing a problem. I have the same issues with the other foot (AAARRRGGHH!) but so far it is not causing pain. I don't think issues are addressed unless they cause pain.
It's day3 for me and I am trying to cut back on the pain meds. I feel as if someone is trying to pull my big toe off of my foot. Can't see my toes at all because of the big bulky surgical bandage. How long did you other 1st mtp fusion people take pain meds for? Every once in a while my big toe does this spastic type of twitch and it hurts so horribly. :blob_fire Has anyone ever had to take a muscle relaxer or even had this problem?? Sophie:angel:

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