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Okay here is the update.. I went in at 12:30 he didn't see me until like 1. The nurse came and cut the cast off.. it didn't really smell, but the saw tickled me something fierce. She removed it, taped it up and handed it to me. The doc came in, looked at the incision, had me move it up and down (I have a 55 degree range of motion that way) and then explained to me all the do's and don'ts. It was a lot of info, but my mom got most of it down so I'm good. LOL

I am PWB now in...(get this) a sneaker!!!! :) No CAM-Walker or anything woohoo. I have 3 weeks now to wean myself off the crutches and he wants to see me walk(keywor) into his office at my next appointment August 17th. I was so excited but the incision to me looks gross! The steri-strips were still on when the cast came off so he told me to wait for them to fall off. The only problems are that the top of my foot is swollen, and I have a shorter range of motion when I am pointing my toes.

Right now I have my foot iced and elevated (as per the doctor's orders) while I reply to some messages. I think I have decided against going to get a pedicure tomorrow, I think I am going to give it a week or so. My entire foot is loosing soooo much skin!! It's gross!

The first thing I did when I got home was start my 'physical therapy' in the swimming pool. I was in for 2 hours and I am going back in when I am done with posting. He wants me to swim one lap and then walk one lap, repeatedly, so that's what I was doing. It feels sooo strange to have 2 feet on the ground!! My other exercise includes flexing down and up while watching tv or reading. No biggie there.. he said after three weeks then he will look into going into formal physical therapy if I need it! :) I lost most of the steri-strips in the pool LOL and the others are just hanging on. I am not one to peel at things so they will be there until they fall off!!

I am having mixed emotions right now :dizzy: I am happy it is off and life is getting back to normal, but I am sooo nervous walking with one crutch and nothing covering my ankle. Any suggestions in how to overcome this nervousness?

Well, my bed is getting really uncomfortable and it soo warm I just have to get back in the pool. I will update you with any further developments later on!

P.S. it's great you got to ride the your ankle was acting up. I can imagine you at the track on the crutches, I seriously thought of using them again even when I don't need them, maybe to tone the bad leg and for strength training. idk. LOL

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